The Joys of A Pool

Hard to believe, but year one of having an inground pool is coming to a close, and what a year it has been. Sure, things got off to a muddy start when heavy spring rains washed mud into the new pool before sod could be laid and landscaping complete, but that became a distant memory the first time our grandsons visited us to use the pool. To hear them laugh and see them playing and splashing was an instant positive reminder to one of the reasons why we installed the pool. In my opinion, anything that makes my children and grandchildren want to visit more often is nothing but a positive. And to see a 5-year old’s swimming ability and confidence in the water grow all summer long was amazing. Throw in the ability to cool off and relax after a day of yard work and inviting friends and family over to just hang out and I know a pool was a good choice for us. Sadly, the Eastgate Pools service department will come out soon to close the pool and I will be even more anxious for spring and summer than normal. I will be counting the days until swim season #2!

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Coming to Your Eastgate Showroom…

Over the last several years Berlin Gardens has become one of the most successful product lines in our many years of selling casual furniture.  We’ve spoken before about the story behind this great furniture, but this year we are going to display a couple of new collections.  While we’ve never carried it in the past, the Classic Terrace collection has been around for a few years and is a very comfortable, attractive, and durable deep seating group.

The second collection we will have during the 2018 season is called Pax.  This will be new to the industry as a whole and has a more modern twist than most Berlin Gardens offerings.

With a wide variety of color combinations these collections should give you even more ways to tailor their long-lasting furniture to your needs.

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Automatic Pool Covers

When purchasing a pool there are a lot of decisions to be made and whether to get an automatic cover is one the people struggle with most. Every year automatic covers become a little more popular, so should you get an auto cover with your pool? I guess that would depend on how you plan on using the pool and how much you are willing to spend to get the convenience of the auto cover. Auto covers extend the swimming season by keeping the water much warmer than one without a cover. One can use an inexpensive solar cover to keep the water warm in the pool, but this must be put on manually. It is also much safer with children around. The auto cover does act as a safety cover, so if you keep it shut it is obviously safer. It is also easier to keep the pool clean with an auto cover. Leaves don’t become as much of a bother and dust, pollen and all sort of airborne debris won’t get into the pool. That all sounds nice doesn’t it? It is not all sunshine however. A high quality auto cover adds a significant amount to the price of the pool, starting at around $10,000 and auto covers are nice technical pieces of equipment being used in fairly tough conditions. So, one should expect to have the cover serviced over the years, with some extra expense.

Should you buy an auto cover? I don’t know. It truly is a personal decision based on many circumstances that are unique to you. Hopefully reading this will help you think through your decision better. If you do buy an auto cover, I hope you get ours! Eastgate Pools does proudly install and service   auto covers, making  service down the road from a dependable source available to you.

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Spectacular Wooded Lot

This line grabs your attention right? When the listing agent puts this on the real estate listings you think ” I will have some mature trees, providing good shade that will be nice.” We all too quickly forget the scourge of October, that fact that those leaves have to go somewhere. If you are one of the lucky the prevailing winds drive all of your leaves into the neighbor’s yard, but most of us are not that lucky. This then leaves 2 options, mulch them into the yard which works unless you have too many and the leaves in the grass overpower the grass. The other option is to collect them and and dispose of the in the most convenient way possible, which is never generally convenient. Lots of paper bags which never hold enough leaves, or tying up all available garbage cans for weeks on end just to get the yard back to some sort of grass. None of these scenarios are ideal, so the best answer is: If you read that line from the realtor run fast and far, or start buying lawn and leaf bags in August in preparation.

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Who enjoys spending Sunday’s watching football?

Some may enjoy it more than others but I am a Bengals season ticket holder and with all the recent events circled around the NFL some have distanced them self from the NFL. For those that do not watch or have decided to watch other things on Sundays, why not spend the day outside in a new Patio Furniture set as your grilling hamburgers or smoking a pork tenderloin on a Big Green Egg for the whole family? My point here, is this time of year with the recent weather, are we gonna get any better weather to enjoy a nice family/friends grill out? At my house we grill out about twice a week and while I was at work this past Sunday my roommates decided to have a grill out with most of our softball friends, when I got home they had some left overs for me to enjoy while I got to sit in my Telescope Casual chair and couldn’t have been much happier.

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Looking For A New Outdoor Patio Furniture Set?

Now that we are officially in the Fall, we have recently reduced the price on some furniture sets. Anything from a round bar height table with 4 swivels, to a large oval that comes with 6 chairs but can add an additional 3 piece set to have a couple extra chairs to pull up to the table. Or one of my personal favorites, an outdoor propane or wood burning fire pit. Lighting an propane fire pit is pretty easy and provides heat for the chilly nights, but so far I can not complain about the weather we have gotten for this early fall.

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Winter Winds And Learning The Hard Way

We only get to experience our first time closing our pool, one time. So let’s do it right. One thing new above ground pool owners don’t take into account when winterizing their pool, is the wind whipping and beating up their new winter cover and possibly blowing the cover into the pool. So, what is to be done about it? One can either wrap it with winter cover wrap , or snap on some winter cover clips and keep the cover tight and snug so that the wind can’t get up under the cover. When doing this, please make sure to take into consideration having enough slack material so that the cover is resting directly on top of the swimming pool water so as to distribute the weight of the water on the cover from rain water.


Good luck!

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It’s getting to be hot tub weather.

Do you keep your spa running all year long? There are several schools of thought on this. As a spa owner and an avid user I do keep it up and going year round. I know some people might say doesn’t that waste electric and chemicals? In my mind, not at all. My wife and I use the spa year round and having it balanced, clean and ready is an essential part to the enjoyment. Yes in July and August our time in the tub is not nearly as frequent as the rest of the year. However having it 13 steps out the door ready to relieve our stress and sooth our spirit is worth the small amount of effort to keep it ready to use. The mineral system I use (Simple Spa) means, when I time my draining and refilling of my spa right I get through the warmer months with very little effort on my part taking care of my spa. So no matter the time of year in my mind it is always Hot tub weather.

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My absolute favorite time of year to enjoy a spa is in the fall and winter, but has your spa cover seen better days?  We can order you a new cover if you provide us with the size of  the spa and the radius corners, we have a few different style colors to choose from in the standard Teak color. Or ask about the many other colors that we may be able to order the cover in.

For those that may not have a spa or need a new cover.  What kind of condition is your pool winter cover in?  As there are to many pool sizes to list, we still have most sizes winter covers in stock, we have the different options on display to choose from. If your looking for a new safety cover for your In Ground or those that have a Radiant pool completely in the ground we can special order a safety cover for you.  If the pool was not installed by Eastgate Pools, give us the pool shape and approximate dimensions and we can give you a price quote.

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37th Anniversary Sale in Progress

You’ve waited all year for it and now the wait is over. It’s our 37th Anniversary Sale with big-time savings all over the store. Pool chemical prices will be the lowest of the year and savings extend into hot tubs, patio and sunroom furniture sets, and pools themselves.

Many of you have already received our WORLD FAMOUS yellow sales flyer but if you haven’t received it, check your EPerx e-mail. Or just stop in and pick one up here.

Friday April 28—10-8
Saturday April 29—10-6
Sunday April 30—11-5

Come have some fun with us and maybe…just maybe you will walk out with one of our hourly door prizes. The Grand Prize is a $500 shopping spree here at the store. Get free hot dogs, brats and metts too, cooked up picnic style out front.

Please..come join us!

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A Mild Winter

I must say I enjoyed the winter that wasn’t this year. Admittedly I like snow, but I like the lower Duke bills more than the snow. I know the kids are bummed that there minimal to no snow days this year, but they like the ability to play outside better. The upsides of a mild winter greatly outweigh the downside, unless you suffer from spring allergies. For those of you that do, be prepared for a long spring season.

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Let’s face it everything gets older.

When my wife met me 20 years ago I was a handsome young man, and now I’m just a man. When you bought your car it was the hottest thing on the road, now you hope it makes it down the road. The moral of the story is that no material item lasts forever, no matter how well we take care of it. Spas are the same way, what was pretty as a shiny new penny 15 years ago, has now lost it’s luster. When it comes time to replace your spa there are questions you have to ask yourself: What did I like the best about my spa, and what did I hate? When you answer those questions for yourself you will likely be able to find your new spa via a less exhaustive search than the adventure to find your first spa.

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You’re Never Too Short for a Hot Tub!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a couple come in to look at hot tubs and one is a full foot taller than the other.  That can create some concerns for both parties.  Generally the taller party can find plenty of comfortable spots as long as the hot tub is larger enough to have a serviceable foot well.  For our shorter patrons the challenge can be far greater.  There are usually cool down seats that sit higher, but those are traditionally the least therapeutic of spots in your hot tub.  So how do we make a hot tub work for the 5’ 2” and shorter crowd?  While it is always a delicate item to mention, there are boosters that make just about any sit functional for our vertically challenged friends.  Our “Water Brick” is a thick booster seat that is filled with something heavy like marbles or stones to weigh it down.  Not to worry, there is plenty of cushion to keep it comfortable.  Torso height is usually the biggest concern for hot tub users that aren’t as tall, and simply raising them up a few inches can make a world of difference.  So, if you’ve always thought they didn’t make a seat that could work for you, remember there is a solution to let virtually everyone experience the hydrotherapy we all deserve…even those that might not be tall enough to ride the latest roller coaster.

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Use Your Time Wisely…

I always had positive remarks from my teachers as a kid with the exception of the category above.  I usually received an “N” for Needs to Improve.  They would say I was “visiting with my neighbors too much” or any number of things that were keeping me from finishing the task at hand or getting a head start on something else.  Due to no fault of their own, I’ve noticed many of our customers miss opportunities to get things done when they would like because they are unaware of the challenges with scheduling in our industry.  Often times assumptions are made that projects can happen sooner or special orders will arrive quicker than what can actually happen.  We send out mailers to many of our customers to encourage them to get on the books early for different maintenance items so no one is forced to do without or wait longer down the road.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to tell our esteemed readers is DON’T WAIT.  There is nothing wrong with getting that replacement liner ordered earlier or safety cover repair done before the leaves start to fall.  The sooner you act, the sooner you can expect results.  If you want a pool, or furniture, or hot tub you owe it to yourself to at least get the ball rolling.  That doesn’t mean you have to decide today, but at least you can get the creative juices flowing and have a better understanding of the time it will take to get what you want and need.  Often times in this industry the early bird is already two months behind.  Don’t let that happen to you.   You don’t want to compromise quality because you didn’t begin planning as early as it seemed necessary.  Besides, we’re here all year so you might as well come say hello.

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Welcome to the Family!!!

Every new beginning can be frightening, or motivational, or thought provoking.  I’m not sure that any of those really qualify here, BUT we are very pleased to introduce a new hot tub to our already extensive Mira lineup.  As always, Mira and Eastgate have worked together to make sure that we have the right offerings for as many customers as possible.  Our new M800DL fills a void that we’ve had for a double lounge hot tub.  We had the chance to fire one up when it first arrived and it does not disappoint.  Both lounge seats offer extensive jetting in all the necessary places, and they are contoured to make sure you stay right where you want to…in your seat enjoying the best hydrotherapy you can get.  If you’ve ever had the opportunity to talk with any of us here about what is most important in a great hot tub, you’ll be pleased to know that this checks all the boxes.  The M800DL provides exceptional water movement, jet placement, comfort, filtration, and durability.  Come check it out when you have a chance.

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