Crazy Times

Right now, life seems like a bad horror movie. It doesn’t even seem possible how much life has changed in a 2-week or so period due to Covid-19. I feel like most if not all of us are just along for the wild ride. But thankfully I have rediscovered a “safe place” where I can relax, think if I want to, or just listen to the birds sing or gaze at the stars. My safe place the past couple of weeks has been my spa.

While I use the spa on a regular basis, I now find myself using it every day. I find it to be therapeutic both mentally and physically. Some mornings I start my day in the spa and let the springtime songs of the birds make me smile, and some evenings I end my day gazing at the stars and thinking about the huge world out there. In either case, a little time in my spa just makes me feel better.

Please be safe and hopefully very soon this virus will be in our rear-view mirror.     

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Cantilever Umbrellas

Are you looking for something that can make you back yard bearable in the summer? From time to time we have customer coming in looking for an awning to protect them from the sun. While we don’t carry awnings, we have, what I think is a much better, more flexible option. Treasure Garden manufactures very large cantilever umbrellas that can be moved in so many ways that one can always find shade. These umbrellas can be moved around on a swivel in a couple different ways. It can swivel around on its base and the canopies pitch can be moved to make adjustments for a setting sun. Most umbrellas, while giving you shade if the sun is directly overhead, aren’t useful for the setting sun, and this is when many people get home from work and want to relax outside. If you are getting blasted by the sun’s rays and are interested in more quality time outside free from the harmful rays of the sun, come out and check out our 13′ cantilever umbrellas.

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Coming Attractions

What many people don’t realize is just how early the buying cycle begins for the next casual furniture season. By July the next year’s casual furniture purchases are being made. As part of that buying process many outdoor furniture manufacturers head to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to show off their latest designs and the newest in colors.

Being among the very best manufacturers in the Poly Furniture category, Ohio’s very own Berlin Gardens is in Chicago as well each July. This past July when I walked into their display area, I was immediately drawn to a chair. At first, I thought it was their Mayhew Adirondack Chair, but something looked different and after a short time I realized that while it was part of the Mayhew family, it was not their Adirondack Chair. Instead I learned that it was Berlin Garden’s new Mayhew Chat Chair. After sitting in this new chair for a few minutes, I realized how much I liked the feel of it. Very comfortable and what I really noticed when I stood back up was that it was easier to get out of than a regular Adirondack. As I get a little older and the knees and back a little sorer, not an insignificant fact.

Needless to say, I was sold on the new Mayhew Chat Chair and it went on to Eastgate’s 2020 season order with Berlin Gardens. I see it as being the perfect chair for around fire pits, fire tables and chat height tables. I know I can not be the only more and more seasoned person that could use a little easier to get out of chair! Looking for a great chat height chair, check out the Mayhew Chat Chair on display in early spring 2020!

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Yesterday I learned of the passing of my all-time favorite race car driver, John Andretti. John was only 56 years old. He passed away on January 30th after a 3-year or so battle with colon cancer. My understanding from the many stories written about his passing is that John spent a good deal of his time the past several years reminding everyone over the age of 50 to get screened for colon cancer. John became as passionate about this cause as he was for raising money for the Riley Hospital For Children in Indianapolis, Indiana thru his Race For Riley.

John was a talented race car driver, but more importantly, according to the many, many people who knew him well, a great human being. I had the honor to meet and talk with him on one occasion, and he couldn’t have been nicer taking the time to stop and have his picture taken with me. I am sad at his passing but I know that the world was a better place because of his short time here, and I know that he used his sickness to help educate others so that they might prevent the horrible cancer that took him from his family, friends and fans. If you read this blog and if you are over the age of 50, please take John’s message to heart and talk to your doctor about a colonoscopy. Remember #CheckIt4Andretti

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Coming Attractions

While there are lots of great new collections and pieces heading to Eastgate’s casual furniture displays for the 2020 season, I am super excited about  our Gathercraft Alassio. One of the reasons that I am so high on the Alassio collection is that it has a more contemporary look than most of our other collections. I just love the look! Very clean lines with a Pewter colored frame finish and Indigo Blue fabric to add to the modern look. And since it features extruded aluminum construction and Sunbrella fabric, it is made to last. We will be stocking Alassio in both deep seating and dining. Look for this great looking collection in the spring of 2020!

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2020 – Happy New Year

Hard to believe it is 2020. Seems like just a blink of an eye ago it was getting ready to change from 1999 to 2000. The worry about impending doom and gloom for computers. Y2K, I believe is what the term was. So long ago but so recent as well. Somehow life as we knew it went rolling right along and as far as I remember, I had not a single Y2K issue. And now it is 20 years past! How did that happen?

The start of a new year seems to be a good time to look back while also looking towards the future. For me personally, 2020 makes me think and reflect on two 40-year anniversaries. Anniversary one is my 40th year in the swimming pool business, having started in 1980 working for a swimming pool company located only a mile or so from where I grew up. At that point in my life, getting to work involved a quick ride on my 10-speed bike after school to work. (OK, the trip to work was quick as it was all downhill. The trip home wasn’t quite as quick!) There I learned to take care of the display swimming pools, stock shelves, and really just learn about working hard and being responsible. All important lessons for a young person whether in 1980 or 2020. Little did I realize when I started that job in 1980 that I would stay in the swimming pool business and make it my career. Its hard to explain, but the swimming pool business just got into my blood and even after college I really didn’t give much thought to leaving it.

40-year anniversary two belongs to Eastgate Pools, founded in 1980 and my home since 1984. Yes, in 1984 the very young and much smaller Eastgate Pools came calling and convinced me to join them and their rapidly growing swimming pool business. It was a tough decision leaving my after-school job of 4-years and coming to a much smaller operation. But what a great decision it ended up being and in those first few years at Eastgate I was given more and more responsibility and learned more and more about pools, spas, wood stoves, and more. Eastgate Pools had a great young core and the growth was amazing. The work was hard, but we had fun. It seemed like in no time at all we were outgrowing our store and warehouse. By now I was married with a family, and I further realized that I had found my life’s work. The year listed on the top of the calendar just seemed to keep changing and now without it even seeming possible, I am celebrating 40-years in the swimming pool industry while working for a company celebrating their 40th year in the swimming pool industry.

And the looking to the future part? Well I figure in another blink of the eyes I will be writing about my 40th anniversary with Eastgate Pools. After all, 2024 is not that far away!

To all those customers that have been part of my 40-years and Eastgate’s 40-years, and to the customers still in my future, a sincere thank you for allowing me to do something that I truly love to do.

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Mira Recreation Series

We have been carrying the Mira line of spas for about 10 years now. They have always been a popular sellers because of their tremendous value. Mira has widened their product lines extensively over the years and they have gotten better all time. Our standard Mira series has been our most popular spas for a long time but this no longer is the case. Our customers have voted with their money and the enhanced high flow jetting and mo re control over which jets the massage flows has been something the Mira Recreation Series has provided. With this line of spas one gets the quality of massage that one would normally expect from a much higher dollar spa. It doesn’t hurt that this value packed line of spas offers some of the add on features such as Blue Tooth stereo and LED lighting on would only expect to get on high dollar spa lines. If you are in the market for a spa, please stop by and take a look. If you do, pay special attention to all the large, high flow oscillating jets.

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How Do You Recover From Your Hobbies?

Recently for my 52nd birthday my wife bought me a propane forge. I have developed an interest in blacksmithing. After a short time trying my hand at my new hobby I realized I’m not as young as I used to be. After three or four hours of swinging a 4 pound hammer I sure am glad I have a spa to climb into. Maybe I should’ve chosen a hobby that was less physical but I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it near as much. I think having that hot water massage will allow me to continue with my hobby for a long time to come. What hobbies do you have and do you need a spa to recover from them?

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Coming Attractions

The weather is getting cooler and each day more and more pools are being closed. But that doesn’t mean that nothing much is going on around Eastgate Pools. After all, spring 2020 is closer than it seems and we have been prepping for it for weeks if not months behind the scenes, so to speak! In upcoming ramblings, I would like to start introducing some of the furniture collections and items heading to the showroom floor in the 2020 season.

In this blog, I want to introduce a brand-new item from Berlin Gardens, our Ohio manufacturer of the very finest poly outdoor furniture. New for the 2020 season is a very neat piece, the Comfo Back Three Seat Glider with Console. I like this item because in year’s past we would get requests for three seat gliders but rarely had anything to fill the requests. Not only does this new glider accommodate 3-people, but if only one or two people are using it, the middle seat back actually folds down and becomes a tray table with drink holders. Very functional and cool! And since it is from Berlin Gardens, we know that it is going to last and last with very little maintenance required.

The Comfo Back Three Seat Glider with Console will be stocked for 2020, but even better is that Berlin Gardens has lots and lots of available colors and quick lead times that will allow you to order the color you want if we aren’t stocking your first choice and you will still have plenty of time to enjoy your very comfy new glider.

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Furniture Closeouts

The weather is cooling down, but our patio sales are warming up. This time of year, one would think that the interest in patio furniture would start to slow, well this doesn’t seem to be the case. Customers are looking for quality furniture at a great price and this time of year at Eastgate Pools, this is what you will find. Management has two showrooms filled full of furniture and a lot of it has been marked way down. So, if you are the type of person that likes a great selection and a great price, now is a great time to stop by Eastgate Pools and check out our offers.

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Are We Going For The Record?

Let me start by saying that I am a Bengal’s fan, and have been my entire life.  After the whole “New Dey” emphasis during the pre-season, this regular season is turning into the same sad old Sundays. So let’s see if we can make the season memorable, like in 2002 or 2008 where we didn’t get the first W until week 9. Now in fairness the schedule makers were merciful in 2002 and scheduled a bye in week 7 so we only started the season 0-7 instead of 0-8. Even better how about we try to outdo our streak in 2010 where we lost a mind numbing 10 weeks in a row. If you are going to be terrible, be terrible at an epic and record breaking level.

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The Teabag Pool Cover

We discuss with customers the importance of removing the excess water from the pool cover, but I think we need to make people mindful of removing excess leaves as well. As leaves break down they begin to release tannic acid, the same acid that is released in tea leaves. Once the leaves fall and begin to degrade they begin to release the tannins. If you have a permeable cover (water can pass through) then you in essence have a giant teabag steeping into your pool. To prevent spring staining, and improve water clarity at time of opening remove the leaves periodically from the cover.

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This Date in Reds History: October 20th

Im sure some Reds fans know exactly what happened on October 20th of 1990.  But others may not know what happened on this important day in Reds history.  Lets just start with Jose Rijo was on the pitching mound for the second time in four days, and almost pitched a complete game on October 20th.  So why is October 20th so important for Reds history? Well, it was game 4 of the 1990 World Series, in which the Reds were underdogs going in to the start of the World Series, and they managed to pull off a 4 game sweep of the Oakland A’s.  All in all, there are a few reasons I bring up Game 4 in 1990: 1) it was the last time the Reds one a world series, 2) it was the last time Cincinnati had a championship team, and 3) will this important day in Reds history translate into another happy day in Cincinnati by the Bengals finally winning the first game in 2019?

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Cool Weather Companion

Mother Nature sure likes to play mind games sometimes! Just a week or so ago it is 90+ in October and the air conditioners are running full blast. A cold front moves thru and presto, there are frost warnings. I would say only in Cincinnati but check out Denver’s forecasts sometime and you will see I would be very wrong! But the good thing about getting back to a more normal for October weather pattern in Cincinnati is that it means beautiful cool fall evenings that are perfect for sitting around a fire pit or fire table have returned. Whether wood burning or gas, there is something about an outdoor fire that just naturally brings people together to relax and have fun. Need an outdoor fire pit or fire table, stop in to Eastgate Pools sometime and check out our huge selection of both wood burning and gas fired fire tables.

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The Nature Show Continues

A while back, I wrote about a family of hawks who have lived in my neighborhood the past two years (or maybe longer) and what a thrill it has been to watch them raise a family both years. Their nature show continues. The past 2 Saturday mornings as I get my day started with a relaxing soak in the spa, I have been able to watch the Hectors as I affectionately call them as they too start their day. Both Saturday mornings I was able to watch them fly away from their nest, sit high up in one of the trees in my yard, fly out of sight again and then ultimately return to their nest obviously carrying their breakfast. As someone who loves viewing wildlife, watching the Hectors never gets old. The fact that I can watch them while drinking a cup of coffee and soaking away aches and pains makes it even better. In my opinion, just another reason to own a spa!    

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