Bubbles Up or Down?

The swim season is here, and as more and more pools open, more solar pool covers will be purchased or will come out of storage.  Now comes what is probably one of our most frequently asked questions here at Eastgate Pools & Spas.  Bubbles up or bubbles down?

 Bubbles down is the correct answer.  And yes, in answer to another frequently asked question, solar covers really do work.  A solar pool cover works by the sunlight heating the air that is trapped within the small bubbles.  This heat is then transferred to the water, and this is why the bubbles go down into the water.  But solar covers also work because they help trap heat in the pool, so on cooler evenings, the pool water will retain the heat that it gained during the day.  Solar covers use simple but very effective technology that will allow you to swim more comfortably earlier and later in the swim season.

 Want your solar cover to last longer?  When the solar cover is off of the pool, please either cover it with a white sheet to reflect the sun’s rays, or place it in an area like a garage or shed where it will not be sitting in the sun.  Solar covers are very good at collecting heat, and when left sitting in the sun off of the pool, solar covers generate lots of heat, which in this situation they can’t transfer to the water.  The end result is that the solar blanket “bakes” itself, and this significantly reduces its life.

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