Haziness In The Pool

This season we have been dealing with an innumerable amount of algae, mold and cloudy pools. I would like to address the issue of cloudiness and give a few ideas for remedies. When you get a cloudy pool, typically caused by chlorine levels, dead algae and elemental change, you need to work on removing that using your filter as much as possible.
Using filter aids is the greatest way to remove haze from a pool. Clarifiers, flocculants, natural enzymes and alum salts are all great options. A clarifier will be added through your skimmer and will coat your sand. By coating the sand it acts to pull finer particles from the water. It will increase your filtering capacity by 10 microns and, in some cases, even more. The way a clarifier works is the same way an alum salt “sparkle pill” or flocculant will work as a filter aid. Both the sparkle pill and the floc will be added through the skimmer. They will also coat the sand and work like a fly-paper to attract those pesky particles that are creating the haziness in your pool. *Note: clarifiers, “sparkle pills” a.k.a. alum salts and flocculants will only work with sand filter systems.
The alternative for systems using Diatamaceous Earth or cartridge filters is a natural enzyme. Using a natural enzyme, like our product Pool Pizazz, is another fantastic way to eliminate haze from a pool helping keep that haze from re-occurring. You can eliminate a haze with natural enzyme and continue to keep it away using the treatment weekly. This enzyme will also help keep metals and organics, which cause phosphate build up, at ease.
So, there is a solution to the ghosty haze that has been seemingly taking over pools this season: Clarifier, alum salts, floc and natural enzymes are all ways to keep your pool clear and attractive.

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