The Cincinnati Redlegs

Will the Reds make the trades they need to be a World Series team next season? As
one of my colleagues put it, “They already have.”. Is this true? Will we see the best and one of
the most historic teams in baseball falter again? When it is most important? As you can see, I
am quite the skeptic. With the pickup of Choo, who’s on-base-percentage is 4th in the league,
and the release of some once faithful talent, we are poised to make another run at the
championship. As long as our bullpen can continue its efforts on the mound, the Cincinnati Reds
stand a chance to hold a flame to some of the great teams of the past.
“Sign Barry Bonds!”, another colleague says as I tell him what I am blogging about.
“Really?”, I reply, “Does that make any sense?”. That’s when I realize Bond’s
on-base-percentage and RBI stats would really suit our team well. The circus sideshow that is
his life would probably be an unwanted distraction and I don’t know if Dusty Baker wants to take
on that challenge again. “Pull Larry Walker out of retirement.”, the same colleague responds with
definitive faith in the fact that we just need someone to score more RBI’s. And to appease him, I
agree. More runs will translate positively in all respects. Runs win games. The Reds need to win
games, true, but they must focus on winning without errors. Tightening up the seams and
playing without flaws. This is what made The Big Red Machine so successful and what the
modern day Redlegs need to refer to in order to be a championship team like their
Dusty Baker and company have something to prove in 2013. Raw talent and passion for
the game are the oil that will make this machine run smoothly. But fundamentals, maintaining
healthy talent and some discipline in the infield will win them championships. My faith is high but
the incredible trainwreck the Reds found themselves in at the end of the last season keeps my
skepticism piqued. Time will mend all wounds, lets just hope the scars of last season don’t inhibit
the team in 2013.

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