What’s a Cincinnati Man to do?

So now it’s officially over. In my eyes the season was always over after the Super Bowl, and the Pro Bowl never really mattered. This is the tough time of year for Cincinnati sports fans. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy watching the Bearcats, and the Musketeers but if neither of them are playing it makes for a long evening. I am a baseball fan, but don’t go gaga over pitchers and catchers reporting. I am soured over both the NHL and the NBA and their labor dispute shortened seasons the past couple seasons. So what do you sports fans do to pass the time for the next month? Once you hit March, college basketball gets into tournament play, and there are actual baseball games to watch, but February sports are very lacking. Please don’t tell me to watch The Bachelor, American Idol, Survivor, etc. as in my opinion they have all outlived their useful life. Any ideas?

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