Salt Systems

Many customer today are asking about salt systems. Their friends or family have one and love it, but most customers don’t fully understand how it will benefit them and have noticed the rather large up front cost.

Here are some benefits and reasons many customers are going to a salt system.

1. Saves time- The pool needs to have chlorine or it will go green. So, if a customer has a standard chlorinator they must go out to the chlorinator every 4 or 5 days and add chlorine tablets. Chlorinators have o rings which need to be lubricated or replaced often, the lid is usually tough to get off and the customer has to run to the store to buy more chlorine and find a place to store it. The only thing a salt system needs is a sufficient level of salt. Salt is a solid and once in the water, it stays (oceans stay salty). Generally a customer only needs to add salt to a pool on average twice a year, when opening and around July. The rest of the time the salt system is there running and without effort from the customer, sanitizing the pool.

2. Saves money- Buying a salt system is an investment. There is no denying it. If you do the math with the customer, you can show them it will pay off. The average customer spends about
$400 a year on chlorine tabs and shock. When you do the math it takes about 4 years to make back the money on the investment. Also, since the system takes care of the water, there are less water problems, which end up costing the greatest amount to fix. Take this into consideration with the average customer having a couple different water problems in a year, with each problem costing around $100 to fix. The system really pays for itself in the long run.

3. Ease of use- You can’t get any easier. The system tells you if you need salt and only have to push the arrow up or down to change the production levels. Beats wrestling with the chlorinator.

4. Peace of mind- I use an analogy when describing the maintenance of a pool. I compare it to mowing the lawn. When the loan needs mowed, if you wait an extra day or two to get to it, it’s ok. The grass will be a little taller but, no harm. Since the pool needs chlorine, if the work of sanitizing the pool is procrastinated and put off, the pool will go green. With a salt system, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the system is doing it’s job whether you get to it or not.

Another key advantage of a salt system that gives a consumer peace of mind and saves them money involves the fundamental difference between tablet chlorine and the raw form of chlorine that is manufactured by the salt system. First of all, chlorine is a gas. In tablet form they need to attach the chlorine gas to other solids. The problem with this is, the fillers that they need to use will shorten the life of the pool water and eventually make it necessary to drain the pool empty and refill. Since salt systems produce the pure form of chlorine, there is no residual left over and therefore, no solids building up in the pool making it necessary for the customer to waste all of their water.

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