Staying Healthy

Staying healthy has been a hot topic of discussion around Eastgate Pools in the last week. Keeping healthy is important in all walks of life. We keep ourselves healthy to insure we enjoy the things we value most. We maintain our pools to keep them healthy so that we can enjoy them when the time is ripe. Our health and the health of others around us is, with no pun intended, what keeps us alive and kicking.

But, most importantly, we are hoping that God’s Cincinnati Bengals can stay healthy this season and bring us home some playoff wins and  a shot at that coveted Lombardi trophy.  It was unanimously decided, if the Bengals remain healthy they will make a run for the playoffs. Their secondary is phenomenal and with a number of key players returning for their sophomore seasons, we are sure to see some excitement from the Jungle.

Whether it be the Bengals or our favorite customers, good health is necessary for our happiness.

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