30 Years & Counting!

2014!  Wow, what a number, or should I say what a year.  Yes, 2014 just began, but it is a big year for me, as it marks my 30th anniversary with Eastgate Pools.  While I don’t remember the exact date, early in 1984 I made the move to Eastgate Pools after 4-years with another Cincinnati area pool company.  I was the youngster on the staff, just a college kid working part time after school and full time in the summers.  Before I knew it, I was staying on at Eastgate Pools after graduating from college.  The swimming pool business had gotten into my blood.

Now, here we are 30 years later.  The girl I started dating my second year at Eastgate Pools became my wife, our two children both worked at Eastgate Pools while earning money for college, and now I am one of the proud grandparents that are part of the Eastgate family.  It truly seemed like I blinked an eye and here I was.

I think statistics are with me when I say that not too many people spend 30 years with the same company anymore.  I would not have or could not have done so without some great coworkers, a wife that understands retail’s challenges, and most importantly, all of the Eastgate Pools’ customers.  I am not the greatest with names, but it is amazing the number of customers that I remember from those first years and all the years since.  I have met many wonderful people working here, both coworkers and customers!  All in all, a pretty good 30 years with more on the way.

Thanks to everyone that has made it possible to have this experience to share!!!!!

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