As the Weather Turns….

We are going through a swift change into fall and there is much that can be done to prepare for the cold months here at Eastgate Pools & Spas. Fall and winter are my absolute favorite weather for the spa. Don’t be fooled, as the temperatures drop, the spa is absolutely wonderful for cold stiff bones. I love going out after dinner, queuing up my favorite relaxation song on the iPod and slowly slinking into my tub. 102 degrees is my preferred temperature but some prefer a little more heat in the colder months. Keep a towel close because the moment you exit the tub you will want to dry off and head inside. Your best bet is to use a tablespoon or two of the White River Oxidizer after each use to prevent the build up of organic matter. Oxidizer is a Potassium Monopersulfate and is completely safe to enter the water after using Oxidizer to treat. Therefore, if you want to use the tub after treating with Oxidizer feel free to do so as it is safe and comfortable to the human body.

The other reason I enjoy fall around here is we have a lot of great options for indoor entertainment. Bumper Pool is my favorite of all the billiards games and we have multiple tables in different styles to choose from. Along with Bumper Pool tables we have a wide variety of 8′ Pool Tables. We have more cues than any other dealer in the city and our selection of balls, racks, chalk and accessories is unparalleled. If you got a cold basement that is just perfect for a pool table and a bar, come on in and see us. We can help you fit the room with lighting, bar options and even space heating!

Winter is slowly approaching but we still have the ability to provide you with toys and ideas to keep your indoors entertaining all year long.

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