Tales From The Tub…Hot Tub That Is

What is a good morning to me? A good morning is a morning where I have a little extra time to spend 20 minutes or so enjoying the spa. On this ideal morning, it is just starting to get light out, I have a mug of fresh brewed coffee, and I am seated in my favorite seat in the spa. Life is good, I am relaxed, and I can start to think about my day. On really lucky or ideal mornings, some of my favorite birds will be feeding at the bird feeders, which were strategically placed so that I can view them from my favorite seat. I know everyone has their own ideas on a good morning, but for me, a morning like the above helps me to at least start the day relaxed and in a good mood. And, should the day not go as planned, I can always press the “relax reset” button that night by returning to the spa for another soak.

Happy hot tubbing!

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