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Eastgate Pools has been around for a very long time–nearly 40 years. We have always prided ourselves on being the most knowledgeable chemical and service company in the Greater Cincinnati area. Of course this means also knowing what new products are on the market and how a consumer can best utilize them. One product that was introduced to us a couple years ago is the Simple Spa chemical. This is an all natural water additive that makes keeping your spa water clean and sanitary with a lot less chemicals. This product is currently being used in water towers and the medical field to help keep bacteria building up on a containers surface, which is where bacteria grabs a foot hold. The Simple Spa chemical is made up of negatively charged salt particles and this creates a charge and prevents a scum film from building up on the containers surface. If we do that, bacteria doesn’t really have a foundation to build on, kind of like soil for a plant.

Eastgate Pools is packaging this Simple Blue Spa chemical and coupling it with an all natural mineral purifier, more specifically silver chloride. Silver is used in many fields, most notably the hospital industry. Silver actually kills bacteria on contact without having to use harsh chlorine or bromine. Added to the water, consumer normally use roughly 1/2 the amount of sanitizer they would normally use.

When we add these 2 products together, it has proven to be the most effective maintenance free, and lowest chemical spa program we have ever sold. If you like ease of use and sitting in clean and water that is free of harsh chemical smells that are hard on your skin, stop by and take a look at this smart new way of maintaining your spa water.
–Scott P.

Eastgate Pools & Spas

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  1. Michele says:

    Hey Scott,
    I appreciate you writing this article, I am a spa owner within the Rock Hill SC area, where we specialize in facials and massage, and I am always looking for things to keep my resort and spa clean. I am so glad I bumped into this article, because I am always trying to keep cost down, but have everything clean and user friendly. Thank you so much again.

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