Automatic Pool Covers

When purchasing a pool there are a lot of decisions to be made and whether to get an automatic cover is one the people struggle with most. Every year automatic covers become a little more popular, so should you get an auto cover with your pool? I guess that would depend on how you plan on using the pool and how much you are willing to spend to get the convenience of the auto cover. Auto covers extend the swimming season by keeping the water much warmer than one without a cover. One can use an inexpensive solar cover to keep the water warm in the pool, but this must be put on manually. It is also much safer with children around. The auto cover does act as a safety cover, so if you keep it shut it is obviously safer. It is also easier to keep the pool clean with an auto cover. Leaves don’t become as much of a bother and dust, pollen and all sort of airborne debris won’t get into the pool. That all sounds nice doesn’t it? It is not all sunshine however. A high quality auto cover adds a significant amount to the price of the pool, starting at around $10,000 and auto covers are nice technical pieces of equipment being used in fairly tough conditions. So, one should expect to have the cover serviced over the years, with some extra expense.

Should you buy an auto cover? I don’t know. It truly is a personal decision based on many circumstances that are unique to you. Hopefully reading this will help you think through your decision better. If you do buy an auto cover, I hope you get ours! Eastgate Pools does proudly install and service   auto covers, making  service down the road from a dependable source available to you.

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