The Joys of A Pool

Hard to believe, but year one of having an inground pool is coming to a close, and what a year it has been. Sure, things got off to a muddy start when heavy spring rains washed mud into the new pool before sod could be laid and landscaping complete, but that became a distant memory the first time our grandsons visited us to use the pool. To hear them laugh and see them playing and splashing was an instant positive reminder to one of the reasons why we installed the pool. In my opinion, anything that makes my children and grandchildren want to visit more often is nothing but a positive. And to see a 5-year old’s swimming ability and confidence in the water grow all summer long was amazing. Throw in the ability to cool off and relax after a day of yard work and inviting friends and family over to just hang out and I know a pool was a good choice for us. Sadly, the Eastgate Pools service department will come out soon to close the pool and I will be even more anxious for spring and summer than normal. I will be counting the days until swim season #2!

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