Isn’t It A Lot Of Work?

I have been asked this question several times since having an inground pool installed at my house, and the answer is a definitive NO! Admittedly, my perspective is a little different based on my profession, but the way that the answer can be NO for any pool owner is to have a few key things:

Good filtration – A good pump and filter keeps the pool cleaner with less work and less chemicals.

Good Chemical System – Having an inground, I felt the best choice for me was a chlorine generator. Some people call pools with this equipment a salt water pool. Quite simple, the pool water has a low level of salt added to it and then the generator produces chlorine. The amount of chlorine generated can be increased or decreased as needed.

Automatic Cleaner – I hand vacuumed part of my pool once the entire season. I quickly decided that I had better things to do and from that point on, I have let my automatic cleaner (We named her Penny!) do her job. I guess this one is optional as I have a best friend who never uses his automatic vacuum as he finds it relaxing to vacuum the pool by hand. Not my choice, but to each his own.

A Few Minutes – Literally, it only takes a couple of minutes to walk out, test the water, empty the skimmer basket if needed, and give a quick look around. If some chemicals need added, maybe add a couple of minutes. This short investment in time helps to keep everything looking and running good.

Yes, owning a pool requires some work, but not all that much, especially once you get a routine established. And just like any other pool owner is welcome to do, I periodically bring in a water sample and ask one of my Eastgate Pools coworkers to double check the water balance for me.

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