We hope you had a great day yesterday with family and friends. But if you ate too much, get off that sofa and get a little exercise going. Or…go get in your hot tub and get a little ‘simulated’ work out. It’s healthy and fun. Don’t have a hot tub? Well, we’re open 10-7 Monday thru Friday, 10-6 on Saturday, and 11-5 on Sunday and anytime during those hours, you can find a whole bunch of great hot tubs looking to be adopted. –Max

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From all of us here at Eastgate Pools & Spas, Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the day, and maybe do a little quiet reflection on all the things you have to be thankful for. Sometimes we forget just how good we have it until we sit down and think about it. And as a company, we really do appreciate all of our great customers that have made us so successful. We look forward to seeing you again soon. –Eastgate Pools & Spas Staff

A Warm November…So Far.

Not to jinx us, but it has been ridiculously warm so far this November. So much so, I actually mowed my yard on November 14th. I’ve never had to do that this late before. And today, we just closed up the last above ground pool on our display lot.

I remember several years ago wearing shorts on Christmas but I also remember a year when we had about four inches of snow on Halloween. I guess we can just enjoy the warmer temps and save on heating expenses. But I am sure we won’t get away without some really cold, snowy days. Still, this makes me delay getting that snow blower I have been thinking about for the last few weeks. –Max

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Pool Cues for You…

Once it gets colder things change around here just as I’m sure they do at your home. It also marks the time of year where our traffic ramps for all things indoor. One of our many winter options are pool table accessories and we have a bunch. We have everything from McDermott and Cuetec pool cues to Aramith Belgian pool balls. I’ve never been the best pool player, but I’ve always wondered if I shot with something a little nicer than a crooked cue from a pool hall if I might have at least been respectable. I was at least decent at Geometry, so that would have to help, right? Anyhow, if you want to take the next stop forward in your billiard skill level I’m sure we have some things to help. If nothing else it will help you look the part. Rack ‘em!

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It’s a what…?

When I was a freshman in college a million years ago at THE Ohio University, I was like most other freshmen. I knew nobody. So when I got talking to this English bloke he mentioned that he was a frequent attendee to the Student Union pool hall and asked me if I played too. “Sure” I told him, although I was not very good. He invited me to a game and after we each got a bottle of 3.2% Pabst, we headed to the table. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It was a BIG table. REALLY big. Turns out it was not a billiard table but was instead a snooker table.

“What the heck is this?” I asked. The table was 12’ x 6’ and had 22 balls. For over an hour he tried to explain the game to me but it made no sense. It still doesn’t.
We don’t sell snooker tables but we do sell billiard, or plain old pool tables. They’re fun all year long, but especially in the winter when it’s too cold to be outside for any longer than it takes to walk the dog or get the bills out of the mail. –Max

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Ever Heard of Ton 80?

I wouldn’t fault anyone for not knowing that terminology, but that is the dart term for hitting three triple 20s in one turn. Chances are if you don’t know the term you aren’t the most likely candidate to accomplish such a feat, but if you haven’t really played darts you’re missing out. After Christmas break during my sophomore year of college one of my friends (actually the RA on my hall) brought a nice bristle board to his room. dartboardThe entire second semester of that year we spent playing Cricket and trying to win by the most points possible to proudly display our victory on the “Whoopins” list. Any game where you defeated your opponent by more than 300 points qualified. We were merciless, especially once we bought our own quality dart sets. I still have those darts today, actually. A few of us even entered the intramural dart tournament. We thought for sure we would steamroll the competition. I was promptly defeated by a guy whose brother was actually ranked in the state of Tennessee. He opened with Ton 80 which promptly had me playing catch up. I digress, but if you would like to give an incredible game a try stop in and pick up a board and a set of darts. It is fun, inexpensive and a game that you can really master. Check out our assortment of boards, darts, and accessories to start your own friendly competition.

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Another Layer of Protection…

Here at Eastgate there never seems to be any question about covering pools, spas and grills. There is nothing you can do better to protect your investment during the harsh winter months. pcicovertanSurprisingly, customers don’t seem to take the same precautions with their casual furniture. Sure, you might have a perfect place to store your furniture away from the elements, but I’m willing to bet a pretty fair number of customers just leave the furniture sitting out. We sell a great deal of durable quality furniture, but very few things are maintenance free. With a few bucks you can get quality furniture covers to protect your investment. We’ve talked about weep holes in previous blogs, but these covers take protection to the next level. Outdoor furniture is capable of handling much more than our inside furniture can, but every little bit helps. Chances are we have the right cover to fit your needs.

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Do I need to keep my winter cover pumped off?

YES, unless you don’t care about how long the cover lasts. Here is a little math to support this. If you have a 24’ above ground pool, you have just a little below 300 gallons of water for every inch of water in the pool. stdcvrThis goes for on top the cover too. Each inch of water weighs over a ton, and while the water underneath helps support the cover on the water, it adds lots of stress to the cover where it stretches to and over the top rails. It can damage the cover and the rails too. Relieve the pressure by keeping the cover pumped off. And as for you in-ground owners, if you get too much water on top of the cover, it will displace water under the cover and potentially cause water leak behind the liner at the coping, adding to the possibility of a liner float. –Max

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A good time to buy an above ground pool is…?

During the swimming off-season, we get asked this all the time: “When is the best time to buy an above ground pool?” The answer is NOW. FYI, we have placed our order for 2016 and with rising steel and resin prices, there will be a price increase for 2016. But here is the good news: You can advance-purchase a new above ground for 2016 and pick it up or get it installed next spring. And even though we will pay more, you can get it at end-of-season 2015 pricing. Pretty good deal. –Max

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Leaf covers make winter a little easier

Short and sweet: Get a leaf cover and put it on the pool over the winter cover. As the leaves fall, peel it off and dump the leaves. Put the cover back on and collect more leaves. When all the leaves are down, take the leaf cover off,leafcover clean it, dry it, and store it away for next year. No more rotting leaves to clog the cover pump and no more muck to drop into the pool in the spring.

Best of all, our leaf cover prices went DOWN this year. Significantly. We made a very good buy and they are quite affordable. We don’t put pricing on our web or in our blogs, but give us a call and we can quote you over the phone. But I’ll give you a little hint: The biggest round above ground pool we sell has a leaf cover for under $100. –Max

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Pool Winterizing Tips

Okay—many of you have given in to the falling leaves and have the pool winterized. Here are a couple of no-no’s for your pool.

In ground: If you have a traditional winter cover that lays on the water and is held in place by water-filled tubes, DON’T try to save a couple of dollars by replacing leaking bags with cinder blocks, landscape ties, flower planters, or anything that can find their way into the pool. Replacement water tubes cost far less than replacement liners and a flower planter pulled into a pool will make your water look suspiciously like a farm pond. Avoid the heart-ache.

Above ground: Do NOT hand jugs from the grommets. The extreme stress on the grommets will strip them out of the cover and will cause the cover to rip or fray. Ropes tied to stakes in the ground have the same effect. Stick with the cable and if you are in an area of high wind, we have wraps that go around the cover and down the side of the pool, effectively sealing it up. Again, the seal costs far less than a new winter cover.

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Chaparral Prairie’s GRAND OPENING

The Arc of Appalachia Preserve System invites you to attend
Chaparral Prairie’s GRAND OPENING

For those that enjoy a nice walk in the woods, I recommend a visit to Adams County Ohio. With fall here, the leaves are beginning to change. It is a beautiful time of year and perhaps nowhere is the scenery more colorful than Adams County. In particular, I recommend the Edge of Appalachia and the Arc of Appalachia preserves, located in the West Union community. It is about 1 hour east of Cincinnati and is worth the drive. There are numerous Edge of Appalachia hiking trails that are maintained by the Nature Conservancy and Cincinnati Museum Center. Arc of Appalachia preserves are overseen by the Ohio Connection, formerly the Ohio Historical Society, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. To learn more about the trails and to get directions and maps of the trails, click on the links below. Terrain can be challenging but in general, most of these trails are easy walks. The newest is the Chaparral Prairie and again, you can learn more about it by clicking on the link. Good times…guaranteed.–Max

Fall is a GREAT Time to Grill!

I’ve never been a great griller, but since I got my Kamado Joe a couple years ago I’ve gotten adventurous and have experimented with some of my own recipes. If you like baked potatoes, here is a little variation that works nicely on a grill capably of providing indirect heat like my Kamado.

Pick up 2-4 of the biggest, fattest russet potatoes that you can find. (Jungle Jim’s has a special oversized potato bin in their produce area.)

Heat your grill to approximately 375 degree and use your heat deflector so that you do not have direct flame when cooking.IMG_0058 While the grill is getting to temperature, cut the potatoes in half, cutting lengthwise. Use a melon baller to hollow out the potato’s core, leaving just enough ‘meat’ on the skin to keep the halves firm. Now, stuff the potato with whatever you like. Pack it right in! I have used pepperoni, sausage crumbles, pepper cheese, halved Italian meatballs, sliced mushrooms, and diced ham. The more things I can jam in, the better! To make it easier to stuff the upper half, put a little melted butter or margarine in it so that everything doesn’t fall out when you turn it over to re-join the two halves.

So now you’ve got the potatoes back together. How do you keep them together? It’s simple and tasty. Bacon! Wrap the entire potato round and round, tightly, with strips of bacon. It holds the potato together quite nicely and hey—I like bacon.

Place the potatoes on the grill and cook for approximately one hour, using tongs to turn them after a half hour. Adjust your time accordingly based on the size of the potato but you’ll know they are done when the bacon looks done.

And don’t throw away the potato that you scooped out. Place that in a tin foil pan, add seasoning, butter, and anything else you might have left over. Cover and cook with the potatoes. I turn mine into potato pancakes and fry them up for breakfast. No waste and lots of taste.

If you like potatoes, you’ll like these. –Max

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Pool Fun Facts, Part 2.

  1. The oldest form of stroke used is the breaststroke.
  2. Ancient drawings and paintings found in Egypt depicting people swimming date back to 2500 BCE.
  3. Swim fins were invented by Benjamin Franklin.
  4. Swimming became an amateur sport in the late part of the nineteenth century.
  5. Swimming first became an Olympic event in 1896.
  6. Swimming in the Olympics started as a men’s event only but women were able to participate starting in 1912.
  7. The Deep Eddy Swimming Pool, built in 1915, is the oldest known concrete swimming pool and was built in Texas.
  8. After World War I and the departure of “Long John” style swimming costumes, interest in competitive swimming grew. Standards improved and training became essential.
  9. The first woman to swim the English Channel is Gertrude Ederle, who was actually just a teenager at that time in 1926.
  10. Home swimming pools became popular in the USA after World War II and the publicity given to swimming sports by Hollywood films like Esther Williams Million Dollar Mermaid made a home pool a desirable status symbol.
  11. Actress Esther Williams popularized synchronized swimming when she starred in movies known as “aqua musicals” produced by MGM in the forties and fifties. Aqua musicals were about synchronized swimming.
  12. In 1956, the US National Swimming Pool Institute was founded. It was later renamed to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, and now develops pool construction standards and provides training to pool builders and service technicians.
  13. President Gerald Ford had the outdoor swimming pool built at the White House in 1975. In 1976, a pool house was added — with a secret, underground passage that lets the First Family and their guests to get from the White House to the pool without going outside.
  14. Synchronized swimming first appeared in the Olympics during the 1984 games

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Pool Fun Facts, Part 1

  1. The first recorded swimming races were held in Japan in 36 B.C.
  2. The first man to cross the English Channel swimming from England to France is Englishman Captain Matthew Webb in 1875.
  3. The first swimming pool to go to sea on an ocean liner was installed on the White Star Line’s Adriatic in 1907.
  4. In the USA, the Racquet Club of Philadelphia clubhouse (1907) boasts one of the world’s first modern above-ground swimming pools.
  5. The oldest known concrete swimming pool — the Deep Eddy Swimming Pool — was built in Texas in 1915.
  6. The Titanic was the first ocean liner to have a swimming pool and a gym.
  7. Mark Spitz was the first Olympic swimmer to win seven gold medals in a single Olympiad in the 1972 games.
  8. The largest swimming pool ever built was reputedly created in Moscow after the Palace of Soviets remained uncompleted. The foundations were converted into an open air swimming pool after the process of de-Stalinisation after the fall of communism, Christ the Savior Cathedral was re-built (it had originally been on the site) between 1995 and 2000.
  9. In the 21st century, there seem to be many contenders for “the largest swimming pool on earth”, reputedly at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh; at Club Med Camarina, Sicily; Sunlite Pool, Coney Island, Cincinnati; and Garden City, Kansas with their 220 foot by 330 foot pool (67m x 100m) that holds 26,000,000 gallons (100 million liters) of water. A recent construction in Tokyo, Japan may top them all.
  10. The longest swimming pool is the Orthlieb Pool in Casablanca, Morocco. It is 480 meters (1,574 feet) long and 75 meters (246 feet) wide. It is filled with sea water and covers 8.9 acres (3.60 Ha).
  11. The recreational diving center Nemo 33 near Brussels, Belgium is home to the world’s deepest swimming pool. The pool has two large flat-bottomed areas at depth levels of 5m (16 ft.) and 10m (32 ft.), and a large circular pit descending to a depth of 33m (108 ft.).
  12. The Fleishhacker Pool was the largest swimming pool in the United States. Opened on 23 April 1925, it measured 300 m by 45 m (1,000 ft. by 150 ft.) and was so large that the lifeguards required kayaks for patrol. It closed in 1971 due to low patronage.
  13. According to the Guinness World Records the largest swimming pool in the world is San Alfonso del Mar Seawater pool in Algarrobo, Chile. It is 1,013 m (3,324 ft.) long and has an area of 8 ha (19.77 acre), it was completed in December 2006.
  14. The first filtration system for a swimming pool was introduced in 1910.
  15. The first photo finish for a swimming competition was done in 1939.
  16. The first swimmer to break the two minute barrier in the 200 meters was Don Schollander.

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