Welcome the Aquatica X10

We recently added a new spa to our already extensive line-up of spas with the Aquatica X10.  This isn’t your typical spa, either.  When customers come in and say that want a spa to seat 6 to 7 people that usually means they will get one that comfortably seats 4 but can squeeze in up to 6…not anymore.  Measuring 90” x 114”, the Aquatica X10 has 7 clearly defined seats with the ability to get in one more.  Each seat offers tremendous hydrotherapy that is supported by a total of 4 pumps.  If you are looking for features, I can assure you this model won’t disappoint.  With a deluxe LED lighting package, stainless jets, a 4 speaker deluxe stereo system with subwoofer, beautiful cabinet, deluxe cover, and molded bottom there is no stone left unturned.  If you are in the market for a spa that fills all your therapy and entertaining needs, look no further.  Stop in and see this impressive new model.  It may just be the right fit for you and your family…or family of friends.


We also now have the ability to order swim spas for those that want the best of a spa and the ability to exercise without the need of a much larger swimming pool.  Training and therapy all wrapped into one beautiful spa.  At Eastgate Pools & Spas we continue to offer the latest in quality and innovation and these new models are our latest step in that direction.  While we don’t have the swim spas on display I’m sure we can show all that you will need to see if it is right for you.  As always, I look forward to seeing you all in the near future.  Have a great day!


- Craig


There is a First for Everything

We’ve already had a couple of people schedule their pool closings and our first winter closing kit was sold earlier this week. The season is rounding out with a lot of rain and intermittent sunshine but do not let that discourage you from keep ing your pool open. We always say, “the later you close and earlier you open will grant you a cleaner pool.”. With that said, it is never too early to start getting prepared. We have closing chemicals ready to purchase and our service guys are ready to start some closings. Sam, our service technician, said to me just now, “Just closed my first pool for the season. It begins!”. So, as the closings begin for us, the season ends for our customers. Please see us with any questions and concerns about the upcoming closing season. We are always happy to lend a listening ear and offer suggestions to get your pool in suitable condition for closing and re-opening next season

Scientific Method of Water Testing

As two budding scientific minds, one in chemical engineering and the other in neurobiology, Taylor and Kyle, two of the most strikingly handsome employees at Eastgate Pools and Spas, man the water test station a good majority of the time. Being such bright gents, they have developed a scientific method for testing the water of the exquisite customers of Eastgate Pools and Spas.

1. The first step for every water test is to ask the customer how they are doing and if there are any issues with their pools. This way, Taylor and Kyle can have a good idea of what to look for when the results are run.

2. The next step is to do background research into the issues that the customers express. They inquire as to what they see in the pool, what treatments the customers have tried already, and what has worked for them in the past. By doing this, the “Tall Twins” can further customize a treatment for any customer’s specific needs.

3. Based on the information provided by the customers, our water tester extraordinaires generate a hypothesis of what could possibly be plaguing the poor pool owners.

4. At this point, water testing can commence. The mighty water magicians used their water changing capsules to determine the exact amount of each specific chemical in the water. After crushing the capsules, our heroes insert the vials into the water reader of truth.

5. The water reader of truth reveals its findings to our suave, urbane, young gentlemen, and the results can be analyzed. From here, our two masterminds can resolve any chemical issues that may be pestering the pools of our beloved customers.

6. Finally, the results can be communicated with their clients and a step-by-step process can be personally created for each matter of concern.

Knowing that they have once again saved the day, Harry’s tenderfoot prodigies, their fame only continues to increase. They stay humble; realizing the ground beneath their feet is revered as hallowed. They stay focused, because they know it is their job and above all else, their responsibility, to help the great customers of Eastgate sleep comfortably at night, knowing their pools are under the watchful eye of Kyle and Taylor.


By: Kyle Idoine and Taylor Haack

So Your Pool is Cloudy?

Don’t Panic! There are a number of reasons that your pool could be murky. A pH imbalance, low chlorine, dead algae and the beginning of an algae bloom can all be the culprits. Lets address each issue so you have a better idea of how to attack your problems.

The summer is in full swimg and as the summer drudges on you will need to use more chlorine than the standard doses. When chlorine levels get low algae has an inviting pool to grow and flourish. The sun, swimmers and rainwater will all affect your pools chlorine level. We recommend checking your pools chlorine levels and chemical balance after any long hot weeks or heavy rain. Keeping a constant chlorine level in your pool is the greatest prevention against algae blooms.

If the pool is not green and test strips show pH out of range, you can adjust according to the strips and sometimes this will eradicate the haze in the pool. The best thing you can do is bring the water into the store and we can give you an exact regiment of pH adjusters to get your pH in check. A professional test is always the greatest guarantee and procedure to keep your pools chemical balance and clarity in order.

Dead algae is a suprisingly pesky problem. You use algaecides and shock to kill off algae but what do you do with the dead particulate matter that is floating around in your pool? Depending on your filter there are a few different options. Sand filters have the ability to use clarifiers to assist in filtering out the fine particulate matter of dead algae. Coagulants and alum salts like our Crystal Clear and Sparkle Pill are two different styles of clarifiers.

Coagulants meet with the particles in the water and “coagulate” to make the particle larger and easier to filter out.  Alum salts work by coating your sand and giving it more abrasion to pull out the finer particles. Both are highly effective and available in store. To eradicate the dead algae both salts and coagulants will work on sand filters but need to be used with caution if you have a cartridge filter. Cartridge filters are designed to remove very fine particle from the water and if clogged up with coagulants and salts they can build pressure and prevent passage of water. This can break a filter and create pressure build ups that can be dangerous. For cartridge filters we recommend using a Miraclear Pill which is a safe clarifier for cartridges or a steady cleaning on the cartridge as it filters out the fine particle may be necessary. You can also use enzymes like our Pool Pizazz to help break down and burn out these particles in cartridge and sand filter systems. DE filters should not need clarifiers. If your DE filter is not clearing haze out of your pool you  need a little more media added to the filters or to “bump” the system to clear the grids/fingers internally. All of these treatments should help eradicate haze caused by dead algae in the water.

The final issue we are going to discuss is the beginnings of an algae bloom. When chlorine drops off and algae begins its terror in your system it will first come in looking like a light white haze. This is the “seedling” stage of algae before it blooms. If your chemicals look in order and the chlorine has seemingly fallen low, you should shock the system to prevent algae from taking hold. If you are already seeing some light white and possible patches of green go with the following regiment. 2 Gallons or 2 Bags of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. This is double the normal dosage and should prevent the haze from turning into an all out bloom in the pool. If the haze persists and turns green you need to triple your chlorine dosage to 3 Gallons/Bags for every 10,000 gallons along with the proper doses of algaecide. This should eliminate your problem.

We have touched on most of the primary reasons a haze or cloudiness will come into your pool. For any other solutions or thoughts please visit the store and have your water sampled by our professional water testing staff. And as always, happy swimming!

Chemicals for the pool. Boring, boring , BORING! Right?

Maybe, but the quality of the chemicals you put in your pool may be the difference between a yucky green, algae infested pool and one that looks like crystal clear drinking water.  I’ve preached this in the store for nearly twenty years.  All chemicals are not created equal!  Seldom do box stores or groceries have the same chlorine strength as what we have.  If chlorine tablets they sell are 10% less but you need to use 50% more, is it a value or a disaster waiting to happen?  And if their algaecide comes in a gallon jug…just move over to the detergent aisle and pick up some liquid dish soap.  It’s just about the same chemical composition and the foam in the pool will remove any doubt.


Sorry, but when I start carrying steaks, burgers, lumber, or bathroom faucets, I’ll agree that it’s okay to get chemicals at a lumber yard or supermarket.  –Max

Rolling Along

The 2013 season is truly here. We have been water testing tons of pools on a daily basis and it appears nearly everyone has their pools open and running at this point. But, do not fret. If you have not gotten your pool open yet and are fearing what might be under your cover, give us a call. We are still actively opening pools across the city and would be happy to assist you in getting the ball rolling. If you have pulled back that cover and the swamp that you once called a pool is staring back at you, come on in and we can help put together a remedy to get your pool clean and shimmering. So, if you are having any issues with the pool water or just wanna add some outdoor fun come on by and see us.

Chlorine & its Alternatives

If you’ve had your swimming pool for a few years and are not really enjoying using chlorine tablets, come see us to hear about a few different options. We carry salt hybrid systems, FROG systems, automatic chlorine feeders, Baquacil and for inground pools we also have salt systems. If you’re interested in hearing about these different options, please come and see us so we can show you the differences or feel free to give us a call and we’ll gladly try to give you as much information over the phone as we can!

Time to Open the Pool!

Is it something you look forward to or put off til the last minute? I have a 27′ aboveground pool and it holds 17,200 gallons of liquid fun. I work here at Eastgate Pools so opening my pool green and dirty is not an option. I have the simple salt system on my pool and that takes the chance of a nasty opening out of the picture. When it’s good swim weather outside I’m here at the store doing what I do best, sharing my knowledge with the masses but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for me to care for the pool. I don’t have a lot of time because in the pool business summer is king. Therefore, simple salt was a necessity. This system takes the worry out of opening, summer care and closing, and it keeps me swimming comfortably all season long.

Salt Systems

Many customer today are asking about salt systems. Their friends or family have one and love it, but most customers don’t fully understand how it will benefit them and have noticed the rather large up front cost.

Here are some benefits and reasons many customers are going to a salt system.

1. Saves time- The pool needs to have chlorine or it will go green. So, if a customer has a standard chlorinator they must go out to the chlorinator every 4 or 5 days and add chlorine tablets. Chlorinators have o rings which need to be lubricated or replaced often, the lid is usually tough to get off and the customer has to run to the store to buy more chlorine and find a place to store it. The only thing a salt system needs is a sufficient level of salt. Salt is a solid and once in the water, it stays (oceans stay salty). Generally a customer only needs to add salt to a pool on average twice a year, when opening and around July. The rest of the time the salt system is there running and without effort from the customer, sanitizing the pool.

2. Saves money- Buying a salt system is an investment. There is no denying it. If you do the math with the customer, you can show them it will pay off. The average customer spends about
$400 a year on chlorine tabs and shock. When you do the math it takes about 4 years to make back the money on the investment. Also, since the system takes care of the water, there are less water problems, which end up costing the greatest amount to fix. Take this into consideration with the average customer having a couple different water problems in a year, with each problem costing around $100 to fix. The system really pays for itself in the long run.

3. Ease of use- You can’t get any easier. The system tells you if you need salt and only have to push the arrow up or down to change the production levels. Beats wrestling with the chlorinator.

4. Peace of mind- I use an analogy when describing the maintenance of a pool. I compare it to mowing the lawn. When the loan needs mowed, if you wait an extra day or two to get to it, it’s ok. The grass will be a little taller but, no harm. Since the pool needs chlorine, if the work of sanitizing the pool is procrastinated and put off, the pool will go green. With a salt system, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the system is doing it’s job whether you get to it or not.

Another key advantage of a salt system that gives a consumer peace of mind and saves them money involves the fundamental difference between tablet chlorine and the raw form of chlorine that is manufactured by the salt system. First of all, chlorine is a gas. In tablet form they need to attach the chlorine gas to other solids. The problem with this is, the fillers that they need to use will shorten the life of the pool water and eventually make it necessary to drain the pool empty and refill. Since salt systems produce the pure form of chlorine, there is no residual left over and therefore, no solids building up in the pool making it necessary for the customer to waste all of their water.

Tag You’re It!

Next time you are in the store and looking at anything from chemicals to accessories or even toys, you will see a few new tags on closeout items and sale items. If you’re in need of a new automatic cleaner for this upcoming new season or simply a toy for that special someone, stop in and check out the savings.  You will see new pink closeout tags and yellow sale tags. You’ll want to keep a close eye for the pink closeout tags (typically you’ll save the most), and the savings are continued to the yellow sale tags.  We have savings to suit the needs of almost anyone. So, hop in that beautiful car of yours and come down to experience the savings firsthand.

Spa Cartridges


The root of many spa problems, both in terms of water quality, as well as water flow, is quite simple: the cartridge filter(s). I cannot stress to new and old spa owners alike how crucial it is to be mindful of the condition of this often ignored part. I call the cartridges “parts” because it reminds me how easy it is for one seemingly small part to shorten the life of the entire power pack system.


While I will not go into specifics at this moment, I will give a brief overview of this topic. Cartridge filtration is extremely effective in removing any number of larger particulates that may enter with the bather. On a much smaller scale, it is able to handle most organics and body oils. The problem arises when the filter, only able to hold a certain amount of debris, becomes saturated, or begins to break down, allowing the water that is supposed to be clean returning to the spa. When the cartridge is by-passed, in either of these scenarios, the effect could be potentially very costly.


I will talk more about this at a later date. Until then, feel free to call the store if you would like to know the correct procedures for cartridge care and maintenance.


Until later…



Where in the World is Eastgate Pools & Spas Today?

Hard to say.  We travel well.  We do get a lot of calls from people asking if we will build a pool or deliver a hot tub to where they live.  It all depends.  Our first rule is that we want to be able to guarantee service on any product we can sell and if you are too far away, we can’t do this.  Please remember that if we build a pool for you, part of your deal is the assurance that we’ll take care of all the needs that arise after the sale.


So where do we go?  To points east, we have gone as far east as Jackson Ohio, Bainbridge, and Greenfield.  To the north—Dayton, Court House, Wilmington, Oxford, and Middletown.  Going South, we’re happy to serve Sparta, Union, Owenton, Crittendon, Maysville, and surrounding areas.  And to the west, our good friends in Indiana are covered if you are in Lawrenceburg, Vevay, Sunman, or Moore’s Hill.  And in all cases, maybe just a little farther.

Winterize your Pool…Properly!

Okay, the time has come to close up the old swimming hole for the season and your Uncle Joe says that all he does is drain about a foot of water out of his pool then throw in a case of shock.  Then to make sure his cover doesn’t blow off, he fills chlorine or milk jugs with water and hangs them from the grommets.




First ‘No’:  We recommend you do not drain your pool down.  It can allow an inground liner to float when their isn’t enough weight on top of the liner to offset hydraulic pressure from under the liner.  On abovegrounds, it will cause the cover to abrade against top rails and can put extreme stress on the rails and walls and cause damage to the cover and the pool.  We will give you complete step-by-step instructions if you stop in the store.

Second ‘No’: Don’t winterize using liquid shock.  It is an oxidizer and will hurt your cover.  The shock weakens the webbing and the seams and is the number one reason why covers split out and dump what is on top into the water.  We have a specially formulated 3-part winterizing kit that will not hurt your cover, and unlike most other kits, it has an extra ingredient that serves as a time-release algaecide.  It is the same kit we have sold for over 30 years.

Third ‘No’:  Don’t hang anything from the grommets! The grommets on an aboveground cover are exclusively used to weave the cable through them.  If you hang weighted jugs from them you will put too much stress on the grommets, resulting in them ripping out or shredding the cover.  Want a better option?  Try cover clips that snap the cover to the lip of the top rails or use our Winter Seal wrap.  It is a heavy-duty shrink-wrap that wraps around the toprail and extends down the wall about a third of the way.  At less than 10 bucks, it’s effective and economical.  And one last NEW item is the Pool Pillow Pal.  I wish I had thought of this.  It is an adhesive pad that connects you air pillow to the cover and helps hold the pillow in place all winter, thus making it a cinch to keep the cover pumped off.  Again, less than 10 bucks.

Protect your pool and winterize it properly.  Uncle Joe might disagree with us, but hey—we’ve been doing this for over 33 years now.  –Max

Banish Haziness!

This season has been a bear as far as maintaining clarity in swimming pools. Pool Pizazz is
an all natural enzyme that gobbles up organic material in swimming pools and assists in keeping
the pool water clear and appealing. It is safe to use to help clarify pools and safe for all filtration
systems. Pool pizazz is a product that we typically recommend to people with cartridge filters
because it is safe and will not harm their cartridges (Other clarifiers can tend to clog cartridge
filters and should be unnecessary in diatomaceous earth systems.). We use pool pizazz weekly
to help maintain clarity in all nine of our pools on our pool lot. Pool pizazz is so effective that it will
even clean out burnoff from tires off the the adjacent highway. This product is completely
non-toxic and you can swim immediately after applying to the pool. In the store we carry single
ounce packets that will treat up to 16,000 gallons or you can purchase a bottle that can be used
for weekly maintenance. If you have been dealing with an extreme haze in your pool or are
looking for an alternative to help maintain clarity, pool pizazz is your answer for cleaning up the
haze and keeping it clear.

Benefits of Spa Frog

There are a lot of options for sanitizing your hot tub. The most popular are chlorine, bromine, Baquaspa, and mineral sanitizers. Our favorite at Eastgate Pools are the mineral sanitizers. Everyone wants to minimize harsh chemicals that leave you smelling like chlorine and with dry skin, some other sanitizers are synthetic and not everyone feels comfortable with long chain polymers in the water. The spa frog, which is a mineral sanitizer, uses silver chloride as one of the main sources for sanitizing. Silver is a natural sanitizer and while not doing away with entirely with the need for chlorine or bromine, it does lower the needed levels significantly. Normal chlorine and bromine levels range from 3-5 ppm in a hot tub. When coupled with a mineral purifier, like the Spa Frog, these levels are reduced down to 1 ppm.  That is a huge reduction and it gets the level down to where most people won’t notice that there is sanitizer even in the hot tub. Try it and see if you like it.