Today’s history lesson

On May 30 1431, French soldier and heroine Joan of Arc was found guilty of 640px-Joan_of_arc_miniature_gradedheresy. Her crime…? Donning men’s clothing after agreeing in a court of law not to do so. For her ‘crime’, she was burned at the stake. Wow! She was a national heroine but that didn’t matter. Nobody can argue that by today’s standards, the punishment certainly didn’t match the crime. Twenty-five years later, she was retried and found innocent and was cleared of all charges. Kind of a ‘do-over’ although it really didn’t help her much, did it.

Anyway, we’re glad that times have changed. Everyone is welcome at Eastgate Pools, no matter how you are dressed. –Max

Our Storefront

Ever notice the curvature that graces the front of our store? The brief history of this building is that it used to be an 84 Lumber and the curved area outlined an open-air overhang. We did an addition twenty years ago and enclosed that overhang area. The old wall used to be where the row of four pillars are that separate the billiard from hot tub departments and the front counter from the furniture areas. And theOldStoreFront120 entrance to the store was right in the middle where the Kamado grills are currently located. If you came to Eastgate Pools before the addition, you would find a series of above ground swimming pools under the front overhang. In fact, the front desk areas and big sections of the billiard departments were underwater at one time because these pools were filled.

Perhaps you even shopped at the old 84 Lumber before we were here and remember our original store about a half-mile away. It was next to the Midas right off 32. Tiny! My have times changed. —Max


Thread Seal Tape

It’s not often that someone waxes poetically in regards to thread seal tape. For a pool or spa technician, or a homeowner that owns either item this little jewel can be a sanity saver. Let’s start first with the question regarding the name tape. This “tape” has no adhesive properties what so ever, so then why call it tape? None the less this is the number 1 leak stopper when it comes to sealing in water and sealing out air on plastic to plastic threads. There is also another benefit to working with thread seal tape, which is the ability to allow the threads to glide more smoothly than without. This comes in especially handy when the water gets cooler, and the plastic is less pliable than it is when warm. My other tip is to always have more than one roll on hand. It never fails that the roll that you know exactly where it is, inevitably grows legs and walks off. Keep a second in one of the most obscure locations that you can think of
to hide a second roll. —-Chris


A little spring humor…

No dictionary has ever been able to satisfactorily define the difference between “complete” and “finished.” However, during a recent linguistic conference, held in London, England, and attended by some of the best linguists in the world, Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese linguist, was the presenter when he was asked to make that very distinction.

The question put to him by a colleague in the erudite audience was this: “Some say there is no difference between ‘complete’ and ‘finished.’ Please explain the difference in a way that is easy to understand.”

Mr. Balgobin’s response: “When you marry the right woman, you are ‘complete.’ If you marry the wrong woman, you are ‘finished.’ And, if the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are ‘completely finished.’”

His answer received a five-minute standing ovation. –Max

Eastgate Pools & Spas

Cyclone Scrubber

Robotic cleaners now dominate the inground pool market for automatic cleaners, but they have always lagged behind a little on the aboveground side. This year we have a new a powerful solution for that void. The Cyclone Scrubber can clean your aboveground pool in two hours or less and it works completely independent of the filter system. Brushes scrub down your pool surface and collect debris in a large filter bag. Complete with a two year warranty, the Cyclone Scrubber is a reasonable and reliable cleaning system for any size aboveground pool and all in stock units also come complete with a caddy system for easy storage and cord maintenance. If you’re tired of sweeping your aboveground pool we have the perfect solution for you.


Chaise Lounges

chaiseslingIf you are having people over to your house for a pool party, you are going to need some chaise lounges! Where do you think all those people are going to sit? Luckily for you, Eastgate Pools has chaise lounges hanging from the ceiling and at very reasonable prices. Our chaise lounges start at just over $100, so you can load up the side of that pool and not bust the budget and we have a large selection to match your outdoor look. Please stop by and take a look!

Get Your Gaskets Here!

Once the pools start opening up in the Spring and early Summer we get plenty of customers coming in looking for new liners for their pools. On inground pools we always sell new faceplates and gaskets, but for whatever reason aboveground liner customers don’t always get new gaskets. Since the skimmer panel is traditionally the most likely area to fail on a pool wall, it is the most critical area to protect. The best way to protect this panel is make sure there isn’t any leaking at the skimmer or return. For a small add-on you can protect your investment and keep your pool standing for years to come.—Craig

Eastgate Pools & Spas


I am excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out later this year. We have a robot that runs around in our inground pool outside that I have named R2Z2. It’s real name is the Aquabot Z2 and like R2D2, it can help you out of a jam when things appear to be at it’s most hopeless. R2D2 has little saws the pop out and cuts aquabotz2rope and ways to tap into the Death Star main frame computer and shut down giant garbage compactors. Well, the Aquabot Z2 drives up vertical walls, operates independently from the main filtration system and maps out and memorizes your pool, to ensure that your entire pool is crystal clear. ??Step up and recognize the future and embrace our robotic over lords, and buy R2Z2 and take him home with you! Resistance is futile and a lot more work.

Eastgate Pools & Spas

New Umbrellas

UmbrellasOur newest shipment of umbrellas have made it to the sales floor! We have brought in a few different styles this year such as the Starlight umbrella. We have many different styles and sizes, as well as many different fabric grades and prints. We also have multiple Cantilever styles in stock as well.
On a side note- if we don’t have exactly what you are wanting in stock, we can special order that “perfect” umbrella for you from Treasure Garden. Tina

The Reds aren’t the only game in town

I’m super excited that my son will be starting kid-pitch baseball this year!!! I played softball for nine years, and am ready for the more competitive games from here on out!!! The boys have already started batting cage, pitching and catching practices. This is the first year we’ve used an actual Catcher also! I can’t wait for opening day at Tealtown Ballpark with the parade of players and everything!!! COME ON SPRING!!!!

New Product Alert!

For our Berlin Gardens poly-furniture fans, they have a couple of really neat new items. First is a folding Adirondack chair that is comfortable as all get out! Comfo Back Folding Adirondacks Lifestyle 200wideWith a slightly smaller frame than their traditional Adirondack, Comfo Back FoldedAdirondacks200it is easy to carry and folds to a moderately compact position. If you want to be the envy of all your friends, bring one to your kid’s softball, baseball, or soccer game. And to accompany it, Berlin Gardens has also created a folding footstool and a folding table that is a perfect place to put your drink and camera.

They’re on display here at the store so stop and check them out. –Max

Tales From The Tub…Hot Tub That Is

I am just finishing my second winter of spa ownership, and it occurs to me that I have learned a few life lessons over the past 2 winters. Some lessons were good, and some were not so good.

The good ones:

  • 1. It sure is easier to go to the fitness and run after warming up and loosening up the old body 1st in the spa. While I am no marathon runner, I run better after some hot tub time.
  • 2. It sure is relaxing and peaceful sitting in the spa and watching as the darkness of night becomes the light of day. I heartily recommend a mug of coffee or tea and then let Mother Nature and your spa take it from there.
  • 3. As much as I really don’t like driving in snow or shoveling it anymore, I sure do enjoy sitting in the spa and watching the snow. Sure, my hair gets wet as the snow melts, but the peacefulness of the snow, the warmth of the water, and the feel of the jets makes for a wonderful experience.
  • 4. Thanks to the power of on demand television, any evening can be a great time to sit in the spa with my wife and actually talk. Catch up with a loved one first and at a later date catch up on your favorite show!

Now a couple of not so good lessons:

  • 1. Shoes, slippers or flip-flops. I need to start remembering to wear them when I go outside to use the spa. While my spa isn’t all that far from the sliding glass doors, it is amazing how cold the pave stones are! Throw a little snow and ice into the equation, and the bottom of the feet sure starts to show its displeasure with my lack of foot ware as I am removing the spa cover or putting it back on.
  • 2. Why did I wait so long? Seriously, now that I have had a spa for 2-years I kick myself for not getting one sooner. It makes me feel physically better, mentally better, and I take more time to just talk with my wife while we soak away for 20 minutes or so. I truly have loved spa ownership and wish I had gotten one sooner.

Happy hot tubbing!

School. School. School.

I’m sooooo sick of being a student. I have about 6 more months of college to go before I can officially say I’m done with school!!! I. Can’t. Wait!!! My externship starts in April and I’m super nervous yet very excited!!! I need the motivation to finish strong though; I’m starting to get Senioritis- and am just ready to be done!

I’m no Clive Cussler But…

I enjoy writing. One of my responsibilities here at Eastgate Pools is to write various scripts…on-hold, TV and radio ads, and promotional letters.

But I have also written a novel. Okay…consider this a poorly disguised, gratuitous sales pitch for you to jump on Amazon and order it. The title is Tayasal and it was published back in 2000. I call it an archaeological Tayasaladventure novel. It has slowly reached a point just short of being a million-seller. Your purchase would help me reach the 999,000 additional sales I still need. It is also available as an e-book but I get a better royalty with the printed copy. I started a sequel several years ago but got to a writer’s block moment. So the book set idle for several years until I recently re-read what I had written so far. Awful. Garbage. So…back to the drawing board.

Recently, I decided to resume writing and have new idea for a novel. I have an outline and a prologue written and as long as I don’t get another one of those block moments, it’s off to the races!

In the meantime, if you would like to read some of my other works, jump on the Ultimate Air Shuttle web site. I write for Ultimate Magazine, their in-air flight magazine. I’m always up for critique but only if the words are kind.

See you at the library. –Max

Tales From The Tub…Hot Tub That Is

What is a good morning to me? A good morning is a morning where I have a little extra time to spend 20 minutes or so enjoying the spa. On this ideal morning, it is just starting to get light out, I have a mug of fresh brewed coffee, and I am seated in my favorite seat in the spa. Life is good, I am relaxed, and I can start to think about my day. On really lucky or ideal mornings, some of my favorite birds will be feeding at the bird feeders, which were strategically placed so that I can view them from my favorite seat. I know everyone has their own ideas on a good morning, but for me, a morning like the above helps me to at least start the day relaxed and in a good mood. And, should the day not go as planned, I can always press the “relax reset” button that night by returning to the spa for another soak.

Happy hot tubbing!