Chaparral Prairie’s GRAND OPENING

The Arc of Appalachia Preserve System invites you to attend
Chaparral Prairie’s GRAND OPENING

For those that enjoy a nice walk in the woods, I recommend a visit to Adams County Ohio. With fall here, the leaves are beginning to change. It is a beautiful time of year and perhaps nowhere is the scenery more colorful than Adams County. In particular, I recommend the Edge of Appalachia and the Arc of Appalachia preserves, located in the West Union community. It is about 1 hour east of Cincinnati and is worth the drive. There are numerous Edge of Appalachia hiking trails that are maintained by the Nature Conservancy and Cincinnati Museum Center. Arc of Appalachia preserves are overseen by the Ohio Connection, formerly the Ohio Historical Society, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. To learn more about the trails and to get directions and maps of the trails, click on the links below. Terrain can be challenging but in general, most of these trails are easy walks. The newest is the Chaparral Prairie and again, you can learn more about it by clicking on the link. Good times…guaranteed.–Max

Pool Filter Sand

The end of the swim season is a great time to swap out the sand in your filter! Sand needs to be changed every three to five seasons, to ensure the best filtration for your pool. This is also a great time to check your laterals for any cracks or weak spots and replace those as well.

This would also be a good time to ask about switching to ZEOsand instead of regular silica sand. This would help keep your pool even clearer AND would only need to be changed every five to seven years!

Come to the store for instructions on how to accomplish this task, or call our service department and let them do the dirty work for you! (513) 528-8878. –Tina

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What type of pool cover should I use?

When it is time to think about closing the pool for the season. For those of you that have an in-ground pool and it comes time for the new winter cover the question becomes do I stay with the water bag type or go for the safety cover, and if I do choose the safety cover do I pick the solid or the mesh. Each and every person is going to have their own slant on which of the 2 covers is better, and for each person there is a larger benefit for one over the other. For those of you that want zero maintenance over the winter season then the mesh is the right cover for you, but keep in mind for every plus there is a minus. In my opinion the minuses outweigh the pluses with the mesh cover, especially if you have a salt system. Keeping in mind that the salt system has 2 main requirements for proper operation, salt and cyanuric acid, and that these items are only removed from the pool by dilution of the water this may not be the right option for you. The average rainfall in the Cincinnati region from October 1st through April 30th is 22.4″ of precipitation. This is an awful lot of fresh water to be added to the pool. You will save up front on the cost with the purchase of the mesh cover, but will pay for it each and every year at start up. Once again this is my opinion, and I welcome your feedback.—Chris

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Fan of Fall

I guess it depends on perspective. From a child’s eye view this is the saddest of times having to once again return to school. For those of you who may not be in the pool every day but like the inviting look of crystal blue water this may not be a happy time. I personally believe the opposite, and not just because my children have to go back to school. I have always been a fan of the fall, the color change of the leaves, bonfires, and most of all the start of football. I am one that doesn’t really care if it pro or college, of even 2 talented high school teams, I am willing to take the time to watch the game. Living in Cincinnati for all of my life it has always been easy to find talented high school teams, and for the last 15 years or so we have had a pretty solid college team, but now we even have a pretty talented pro team. Long and short a pretty good place to live to see some pretty good football on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.—Chris

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In Honor of Back to School Season…

Here is Rodney Dangerfield and his famous Triple Lindy dive from the movie Back to School. We do not encourage anyone to attempt anything remotely resembling this dive, but it is funny and is a great tie in between the pool business and school being back in session. Enjoy!

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Fiberglass Pools

One of my many jobs at Eastgate Pools is to sell inground pools. From time to time customers will ask about the pros and cons of a fiberglass pool. I think I have always done a good job of explaining the potential flaws of this style pool in the Cincinnati climate. The biggest fear is shifting of the pool in the ground, which requires the pool to be lifted and reset at great expense. It happens more often then people would want to believe, especially in years with large amounts of rain, like this year! I ran across a news article that I thought would show the story as it would do as good a job demonstrating the this possibility as I could ever hope to. Scott

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Soooo, I’m starting my fourth week of a 12 week externship in Dental Assisting. I. AM. EXHAUSTED!!!! I will be working 7 days a week for the duration (it’ll all be worth it in the end)! There’s a lot of things thatGerard_Van_Honhorst_Tooth_Pulling_Large-1024x746 you don’t learn in textbooks, let me tell ya!!! I am learning new things everyday, and have recently taken my first x-ray on a live person! (In class we can only use a fake head with fake teeth. This is completely different from a real human mouth, and every mouth is different). I have realized that so far my favorite procedure is extractions!!!! I know this probably just made most of you cringe, but I LOVE IT!!! Wish me luck in my new endeavor, and don’t worry. I’m not leaving the Eastgate Pools and Spas family just yet. You’ll still see me around here for awhile!

My Pool is Green!

A customer told me that once and I told them “Congratulations! Your pool has character.” They didn’t find any humor in my comment.

Let’s see if we can help you avoid the August green-pool syndrome. It can happen for several reasons but here are the Big 3:

  1. pH is off. Low pH leads to hyperactive chlorine activity. In short, a low pH will have you burn through chlorine much quicker than if it is in range. Conversely, a high pH is just the opposite. You may test and see a lot of chlorine in your pool, but the chlorine isn’t ‘releasing’. Briefly, a proper pH will go a long way in keep algae away.
  2. Stabilizer is low. With all the rain we had this summer, there has been a lot of pumping water out of the pool. When you drain water, you take the stabilizer with it. On a traditional above ground pool, you probably drained as much as 15-20” of water out this summer. That’s nearly half your stabilizer too. Stabilizer adds life to chlorine and minimizes the chances of chlorine.
  3. Water temperature. As water temperature rises, you need more chlorine because it gets more active the hotter the water. Here’s the rule of thumb: For every 10 degrees of water temperature rise, you need 25% more chlorine. What worked at 70 degrees won’t work at 80…0r 90. You constantly need to adjust your chlorine input and if you combine this with points 1 & 2, it spells trouble.

Bring us a water sample and we’ll be grad to do a free water test and keep you on the straight and narrow. –Max

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It will be here soon!

Anyone know what that’s for? Anyone???? If you guessed the return of College football you were right!! More importantly the return of UC football to Nippert stadium!! The $85 million dollar renovation will be the crown jewel in what has slowly become a great campus. What Brian Kelly referred to as the “Wrigley Field” of college football will still have the close confines that it is known for but also the ability to try and keep up with the powers of college football. While UC may not be in a Power 5 conference, they surely have done nothing but separate themselves from the others school trying to get in to the Power 5. (Hey, Big 12 Cincinnati is ready for the invite anytime you want to send it out). Regardless of conference, I am so excited to see the finished product on September 5th!! UC football has come a long way in a short time and with this expansion, I think better things are on the horizon!!


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Fun Swimming Pool Facts

What is the most popular way to jump into a pool?? That’s right it is the classic Cannonball
The average person swims in a pool at least 6 times a year
An hour of swimming can burn 650 calories
Do you know who invented swim fins????? This might surprise people but it was Ben Franklin
The deepest pool in the world is 113 feet deep and it is located in Brussels Belgium
The turbo pump on the Space Shuttle would drain an average size pool in 25 seconds!! Think about that!!

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The Craig Weaver Patio Database…

Having worked in the patio furniture business for close to 20 years I’ve been exposed to most of the major manufacturers in the industry. I’ve sold quite a few different product lines, but I’ve also been exposed to many of the manufacturers when I’ve visited Chicago for the trade show. Most of your top producers have permanent showrooms there. At any rate, I’ve noticed over the years that I can walk into a backyard for an inground appointment or watch a t.v. show and likely identify at least half of the furniture that I see. I can’t say that I ever expected that to be a skill of mine, but apparently that is my gift. I’m good at identifying casual furniture…every man’s dream.

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I Promise, This isn’t the Ocean

You won’t find many companies that are bigger advocates for salt systems than Eastgate Pools. We have sold salt systems for years and have many happy customers to validate the benefits. That doesn’t mean there aren’t the occasional issues, but generally salt systems are some of the easiest systems to care for and they don’t force the customer to come back in the store repeatedly for more and more chemicals. As a retailer, I can promise you that doesn’t work in our favor, but I would rather have happy customers.
Having said all of that, I’ve been shocked this season to find there are other pool companies in the area that are saying salt systems will ruin your liner and degrade your pool wall. I’m here to tell you that is completely false. If anything, the salt system is far less likely to prematurely age a liner. In fact, we find that many of our customers have liners exceed life expectancy. With respect to the walls of the pool, there is no direct exposure to the water in the pool, so there is zero impact to the structural integrity of the wall. Frankly, our pool is so well protected I’m not so sure it would even matter.
Ultimately, if you want simplicity in maintaining your inground pool a salt system is a perfect solution. Most other systems are designed to benefit the retailer in some way to keep you coming back for more. Do what’s best for you and your family first. –Craig

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Lazy Days of Summer

2 year oldWell, we at Eastgate Pools never really get to truly experience the lazy days of summer. Why you ask? Because we are here helping to make sure you get the most of your summer. Whether you are in need of a part you just can’t find, some good advice which is often hard to come by, or help your realize your dream of owning your own pool. We are always here to help! It does seem though, that after the 4′th of July things begin to get to a normal pace around our store which hopefully leaves our team a little more time to help you get the most out of your summer. –Scott P.

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My Family Grew!

On Friday June 12th at 6:19 P.M. my wife and I welcomed our first child to the big blue marble. Clara Grace Weaver weighed in at 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 ½ inches long. She is doing great and her lungs appear to be very strong. She already has far more hair than her father. All of our four-legged children adjusting well. Our dog Blue has already made it a priority to be the protector of the house. The only problem with that is a bark backed up with excessively licking doesn’t always ward off intruders. We couldn’t be happier despite the sleep deprivation. Here is her first “selfie”, though she needed a little help.


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Rain Rain Go Away

With all of this rain we have been experiencing lately, you may be noticing some problems with your swimming pool.
First things first…If your water is more than halfway up your skimmer, you should drain some water down until you get to the proper level. If you do not allow for the wier door to flap back and forth, you will keep a lot of surface dirt. Over time that debris will sink to the bottom of the pool making it pretty dirty, as well as increase your risk for an algae bloom.
Rain will change the amount of chlorine that you have in your water and will change your alkalinity and pH levels also. I would recommend that you bring in a water sample and let us take the guesswork out of the equation for you. We can tell you pound by pound what you need to add to balance your pool water properly.
With the addition of rainwater to your pool you’re also adding all of the organic material from the air into your pool. This greatly increases your chances of growing algae. Try to stay ahead of that algae bloom. If you see your water turning cloudy or showing any sign of green, please come see us so that we can give you the proper treatment sequence. –Tina

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