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Simple Spa is THE Spa Solution…Solution

For a few years now we have been predominantly putting new spa customers on our Simple Spa program.  I won’t get into every detail of the program, but I thought it important to elaborate on the one component that most … Continue reading

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Happy Spalidays

As the merry days keep ringing, happy spalidays to you! There is nothing to get you in the Christmas spirit like a hot tub on a cold December day. Imagine a cold December evening. The neighborhood is decorated in lights for the impending … Continue reading

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That “Special” Deal

When you buy a car there is an expectation that the car is complete and there is nothing additional required. If the salesman told you that the tires were additional you would walk out of the dealership no matter how … Continue reading

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No such thing as a free spa

Every time I have a customer come in and say they just got a free used spa from some website or another my automatic response is to cringe at least a little. Thinking of the phrase “There is no such … Continue reading

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Heat That Spa Up!

Every year there are calls from customers about winterizing their spas. People call wanting us to come out and shut the spa down for the colder months or wondering what the proper procedure is to prepare the spa for freezing … Continue reading

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Spa Cover Lifts

Eastgate Pools & Spas offers two options for easy Hot Tub cover removal. Both will keep the cover off the rough concrete that could scratch or tear it, off the deck that is showing signs of age, and out of … Continue reading

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Holy M10500 Batman!

We recently decided to bring one of these units in to check it out and….WOW is all I can say! It is effectively a three person spa, but it is 100% rock n’ roll. I know I always talk about … Continue reading

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Simple Spa

Not that long ago we welcomed a new spa product to our shelves in the Simple Spa program. There are three components that include the main liquid solution, Purge to clean out your spa before you start on the program, … Continue reading

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Tales From The Tub…Hot Tub That Is

What is a good morning to me? A good morning is a morning where I have a little extra time to spend 20 minutes or so enjoying the spa. On this ideal morning, it is just starting to get light … Continue reading

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How tubs can be useful for all species

Indiana farmer uses hot tub to save baby bovine found in pile of snow

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Spa Water

My advice is very simple. Just keep it simple. What goes in the spa, stays in the spa, so be careful what you put in the spa. Now while it sounds simple, one has to take a look at a … Continue reading

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As the Weather Turns….

We are going through a swift change into fall and there is much that can be done to prepare for the cold months here at Eastgate Pools & Spas. Fall and winter are my absolute favorite weather for the spa. … Continue reading

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The Heat is Coming!

    We know that everyone is frustrated with the cool weather this season. Heaters are on full blast and some people are just downright staying out of the pools. But, even though you may not be swimming as much … Continue reading

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Tornado in Upstate New York

We extend our sympathies to families affected by deadly tornados that blew through upstate New York.  I was drawn to the story on and then zoomed in on their lead photo for the article.  Amid all the destruction is … Continue reading

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Test Drive

I’ve never bought a car that I haven’t test driven, and I would never buy furniture that I’ve never sat in. There are some things that I can buy from a picture online or order out of a catalog, but … Continue reading

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