Hang In There

Hang in There. Warmer Weather is Just Around the Corner…

Almost forty years ago I was in Central America and picked up a copy of the Central American version of Time magazine. There was a blurb in the back titled “If winter comes, can spring training be far behind?”

I’ve always remembered this because it is true. Spring training is just around the corner and that means that warm weather is too. I say bring it on. I’m tired of this crappy winter weather. –Max

Football Fan

I am a football fan. I admit I am a Bengals fan, but moreover I am a football fan. If football is on TV, I am watching it: high school, college, or pro. I will watch college basketball, but not with the same intent as I follow football. You see the same fade to darkness every year. The twilight starting with the college bowls picking teams, followed by the award winners being announced. Once the twilight has faded to late evening the fun begins in earnest, the same way it does on Fourth of July. The NFL playoff picture begins to clarify, college bowl season runs it’s course of over 30 games in under 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks, once the teams have been determined, the NFL playoffs lead up to the crowning of the champion of the game that cannot be named. But once the crown has been laid upon the champion’s head all must go dormant for 5 months. Maybe this is why I am such a fan of football, it is like the seasonal cycle here in Cincinnati where all of the plants are silenced for roughly 5 months to only then re-emerge.

Alas, pitchers and catchers report next month. On to baseball! –Chris

Spa Water

My advice is very simple. Just keep it simple. What goes in the spa, stays in the spa, so be careful what you put in the spa. Now while it sounds simple, one has to take a look at a lot of different factors from the chemicals one uses to the beauty supplies that are commonly used. The biggest culprits of dirty water when it comes from a human source are lotion and make up. These are items that when placed in water come off very easily and will therefore cause cloudy water and clogged filters.

A common problem is foamy water which can be caused by detergent in bathing suits, soap residue from our body, or cartridge cleaning solutions that aren’t rinsed all the way out of the cartridge element. Still, the problem comes from foreign substances getting in the water that we don’t want. If you are having trouble with your spa water, it might be time to look at the whole picture and reevaluate your approach to your spa maintenance.


It’s that time of year once again for my favorite holiday. I believe that the main focus points of Festivus are the same as all of us keep to ourselves during this holiday season; Airing of grievances, the things that drive us nuts are aloud to be Festivus_pole_lotsaid instead of withheld. Feats of strength, granted this normally ends when the younger males in the family get above 25 years of age, but there is normally another generation waiting in the wings. The Festivus pole, a galvanized steel pole in a bucket of concrete, this never really goes bad and should never need to be replaced. I understand there is no real historical nor religious backgrounds for this holiday, but hey if it is good enough for Frank Costanza I’m aboard.

So is it ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’?

I know that some people are offended when someone wishes them happy holidays. As for me, I don’t care. I personally prefer Merry Christmas but it boils down to this:

I appreciate any and all sentiments meant to wish me well in this holiday season. I cannot envision ever getting ticked off at someone that is simply wishing me well. I will not take it as a personal affront to my Christianity as I am sure it is not being intended that way.

So no matter what you choose to celebrate, here’s to it being safe, filled with friends and family, and merry happiness.

Happy holidays!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukah!
Happy Kwanzaa!

Seasonal Products

As everyone is aware, Eastgate Pools & Spas is largely a seasonal business.
Well, we are into the new season and we have products for
the now as well. groupfamily3If you are cold, how about a hot tub? Soaking
your sore body in a steaming hot tub will warm you up.

Are you cold inside the house? How about an Infinity or EdenPURE™ infrared room heater? infinityheateredenpureheater
They produce even and efficient heat and will keep
you warm while saving you money.

Is all the staying warm inside boring the heck out of you? Then come in and check out our billiard department.
cascadeWhether you need a billiard table to entertain the family and guests, or you already have a billiard table and are looking for new accessories,
come and check us out. Customers come from all over Cincinnati just to
look for the billiard accessory they couldn’t find elsewhere.

Leaking Pools

This is the time of year where we start receiving calls about pools
leaking that had not been leaking all summer. There are one of two
answers that will typically resolve this issue.
One is that the liner is damaged, and has been since some point in the summer but not noticed
because of rain adding water back into the pool or the homeowner topping
the pool off. Once the pool is covered for the winter and no more water
is entering the pool the water loss is much more noticeable.

The other possibility in this is that the winter cover itself is damaged and is
allowing the pool water to seep through and when removing water from the
cover you are actually pumping water out of the pool. This is even more
likely after the hard winter last year when the water on the surface
froze solid and could not be removed. The more weight that is allowed to
remain on the cover, the more possible damage that can occur. As the
cover is a woven material weight will cause the weave to separate and
allow the pass through of the pool water. The easiest way to determine
if the cover is compromised is to turn the cover toward the sun and look
from underneath, if the cover looks like a starry night then it is time
to replace it.



Geocaching is an outdoor activity, in which participants use a GPS device
and other navigating techniques to hide and seek containers, called
“geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world. Basically, you download a
geocaching app, I use my smartphone, and it will locate caches that are
near you. Then, you drive closer to them, get out and start walking, using
the GPS to direct you where to go. Unfortunately you usually don’t really
know exactly what you’re looking for. Some are very large and you get to
take things out of the cache and replace it with something of yours. Some
are very tiny (called micros) and may or may not even have paper inside
for you to sign in that you have located it. You also log it into the app
that you found it, and then you put the cache back exactly where you found
it for the next person.

This is an exciting (to me) activity for me to kill some time and get
outdoors for a little while. My seven year old also loves it! We keep a
backpack in my car full of different supplies such as Ziploc baggies,
pens, and small toys or collectibles. I have also found two trackables.
With these you go online and put in the tracking number to see where it
was started and how it got to your location. It’s pretty neat, I encourage
you all that are capable to give it a try. Keep calm and cache on!




Fall BBQ’s

Fall and BBQ go hand-in-hand. I find that as the air starts to get crisper and the wind bites at your ears, it is almost proper to grill or BBQ every single meal. I personally love using my Kamado Joe smoker but the Swiss Grill is perfect for the quick grilling. Most importantly, I try to keep cooking outdoors well into winter. I don’t feel that there is a particular season that is better for grilling but I do think Fall is just ideal for outdoor cooking.

I plan on cooking Pork Tenderloin this Sunday and it will be absolutely delectable. I like to cook it with a dry rub that includes plenty of brown sugar, bourbon smoked sea salt and thick cracked peppercorns.  While the meat finishes its slow cook I add a thick sauce in the last 20-30 minutes of smoking to add a caramelized saucy coat on the outside of the meat. Pork relishes in its fat and as the meat cooks it will tenderize. Adding a “candy” coating of sauce toward the end of cooking is one of my favorites tips/tricks.

Football, beer and BBQ are all synonymous in my book. If you agree that Fall is the greatest time to BBQ, send us some pics of your feasts and tell us your stories about why you love to BBQ in the fall.

Duck & Cover

When do you decide to cover your outdoor furniture? After you cover, do you uncover? I am an outdoor type of guy, and have my furniture near my firepit, so covering this time of year for me would just require frequent uncovering. For me the weather generally dictates when to cover the furniture for good. We host quite a bit for the holidays, so I am also known to have a fire in the firepit just for extra available “house” space while staying warm and out of the way. What about you? Are you the type to cover and recover, or do you just decide enough is enough and cover it for the season?

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