Spa Time

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a big increase in the amount of spa chemicals being sold. I think most people use their spas all yearlong, but I know from personal experience that the number of times I use my spa each week definitely goes up as the temperatures start to go down. Recently I had a day off and I worked out in the yard getting the grass cut, leaves picked up, and dead flowers and plants removed from the beds. It was a cold and overcast day, and despite the physical activity, I just felt cold all day long.I could never really warm up. Shortly after diner I had enough of feeling cold and out to the spa I went. Problem solved not to mention that the sore arms,back and knees from working outside all day received some much-needed relief. So,while I would encourage spa owners to use their spas all year, I so get it that fall is probably the very best time to enjoy a spa, and that explains the increased traffic in the spa chemical and accessory area.

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Why not buy a spa?

Why should you buy a spa? The bigger question is why shouldn’t you? With winter coming on it’s the best time of year to relax in a hot soothing body of water. You deserve the rest and relaxation that a spa can provide. We all work hard and sacrifice a lot to make the day to day things possible. At then end of that long hard day of work and stress you deserve a hot tub just outside your back door just waiting to massage and relax the days stress away. We all need a way to reconnect to those important to us. No better way to do that then a still quiet night in your spa with the first snow of the season blanketing the yard. So why should you buy a spa? Simply put no one deserves it more.

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2019 Season

With winter fast approaching, we have already started getting ready for the 2019 season!! Most of our ordering for the 2019 season is already done. We placed orders in September and October 2018. That may seem crazy to order that early, but this allows us to be fully stocked and ready to go early in the season. The orders include parts, accessories, pools and even Patio Furniture. So stop in early in the 2019 season to see some of our newest items!! Don’t forget we are open all winter long and open 7 days a week. Hope to see you all soon!!

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How Time Flies

As this pool season winds down it strikes me how quickly this season has gone by. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was cursing the rain, wondering how I was gong to get the backlog of above ground pools installed in a timely fashion. Everything just seems to be a constant motion blur for 7 months, and then just comes to a screeching halt. With the warm summer of 2018 it has already piqued interest in pools for the 2019 season, let’s just hope the weather is a little more cooperative and the season doesn’t pass in a flash.

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Best Of Times (For Sports!)

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself as being a sports nut, but I would consider myself a sports fan. I find this time of year to be especially fun. Baseball, which I love despite my Reds struggles for way too long now, is in its final stages of the season and I find myself watching World Series games even though none of the teams I was rooting for to win in the playoffs made it there. Then it is time to flip the channel and catch some college football. I am only a so-so NFL fan but for college football I find myself checking out the top 25 scores and then the local or regional schools to see how they are doing. With college games on 3 or 4 nights per week it is easy to catch some action for teams I might otherwise not catch. I consider it homework for bowl season where my wife, kids and now grand kids see who can correctly pick the winners of the most bowl games. The final piece of my personal sports love puzzle is college basketball season that starts very soon. It seems like just about any night of the week I can find a game to check out. I casually flip back and forth to check out the scores and if I find an upset in the making, I will keep the game on to see if David does indeed knock off Goliath! Yes, this time of year where baseball is still being played, college football is in mid-season and college basketball is getting ready to start is the best of times in my opinion.

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With Halloween approaching and being a mother, the main question I ask my children is “what do you want to be for Halloween?” My two older children are easy peasy. My four year old on the other hand is a little more difficult. She’s a fickle little girl. Living in Adams County we have our trick-or-treat the Friday before Halloween, so we had ours 10-26, and after changing her mind about 73 times, she chose to be Anna from Frozen and she was positively adorable! Other towns are having their trick-or-treat soon, and we plan on attending them as well. Well, little did I know my daughter would change her mind yet again. She finally chose another costume, a little Devil. At first I was hesitant and didn’t want her dressing up like that, but then I thought if that’s what she really wants to be, then so be it! She tried on the costume and she’s the cutest little Devil. Even though she’s dressing up as the Devil, she will always be my little Angel, and as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

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pool and spa culture around the world

My wife is from Estonia. I met her there teaching English back in the late 90’s. Every winter we go back to visit her parents and family. It’s always fairly cool in Estonia and in the winter, even more so. They don’t have many back yard swimming pools but people still like to vacation and unwind. So, people either take a trip to a neighboring city or take a trip to a neighboring country and stay in a hotel that has a heated indoor pool, spas and the most important of them all, the sauna.
To say that saunas are popular in Estonia, would be an understatement. Saunas are part of their ritual and family culture. In these hotel/spas in Estonia, they have many various types of saunas. They have a salt sauna, which entails a medium heat sauna in which stands a pillar of salt and one gets salt in their hands and wipe it all over their body. This is supposed to clean the skin. It might, but it burns a little too, so I am not a big fan.
They also have the steams saunas, menthol saunas, regular sauna and the hot sauna. The hot Sauna is at 100 degrees Celsius, which is the boiling point of water.
The hot sauna certainly was noteworthy. They were performing a sauna ritual. Probably 20 people sat in this rather large sauna in a big U shape. The person conducting the ritual was in his early 20’s. Everyone was tense a head of time when the ceremony was beginning. I was about to find out why. 100 Celsius is pretty hot by itself, but when the young man poured water onto the hot coals, what felt like a boiling cloud of steam enveloped us. I came to find out that the higher in elevation one was, the hotter is was. Heat does rise. I happened to be on the highest row of seats in the sauna. We did this a couple times and then our master of ceremony brought out several hand fulls of birch branches with dried leaves on them. We dipped them in water and smacked each other on the back with them. This is supposed to be a massage but I can’t say for sure if I got any therapeutic benefit or not. More water on the coals and more steam and it is getting unbearably hot, we do some loud chanting and he sprinkles cold water on everyone and it feels good. We are done with the sauna and a few people dart away through the door outside. A small round pool is open to the elements and running. The last part of the ceremony is dipping our bodies in the nearly freezing cold water. It felt great believe it or not, after being in the sauna.
So, if you happen to go on holiday somewhere in Europe, don’t be surprised if run into something new.

Heres a link to the blog of the hotel

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My Favorite Eastgate Employee.

My favorite inground cleaner is the Aquabot Z-2. Cleans the average pool in 2-3 hours and doesn’t use your filtration system, it has its own filter. It also cleans the water line a big plus in my book. The control box has a timer that can be set from 1-7 hours. Very easy to use, put it in the pool, plug it in and turn it on. Comes with a 3-year warranty. My favorite aboveground cleaner in the Aquabot Cyclone Scrubber. It will run for 2 hours then shut off. You can turn it on again just by pushing the power button on the power pack. It also has its own filter, so it doesn’t use the pools filtration system. This unit comes with a 2-year warranty. Now with all the time you have saved not vacuuming your pool you could have a cookout for your friends, like hamburgers and hotdogs cooked on a Big Green Egg Grill.

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Memorial Day is here

And with it time for picnics, and family get togethers. This tradition dates back to the post Civil War era when at the end of May families would get together and clean the grave sites and surroundings of those sites of loved ones who were killed in the war. Via an act of congress in 1971 this became a federal holiday celebrated on the last Monday of May in order to honor all soldiers who have lost their lives in defense of our country. 

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Time Flies

We have always heard this and seen it to a certain point, but it doesn’t seem to effect us until we think back. It was just a couple years ago when I did this or that, until I look at the pictures and realize how much younger I looked or how young my kids were at the time. I thought about this when I heard of several bands hanging up touring in 2018, they haven’t been out that long have they? Then upon reflection and realizing that it had been over 20 years since I had seen them in concert, yes maybe I am getting old.

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Competitors Above Ground Sales Presentation

Our main competitor has used the same Above Ground pool presentation for a very long time. We talk to a lot of customers and we got to know what they have been told and know the question that will be asked before the words are uttered. This is a small sheet to compare and contrast their story to what Eastgate Pools proudly installs.


Do you sell resin pools?

Our competitors go to great length to sell the customer on the benefits of a resin pool. First off, when referring to resin it is important to point out that the pool wall itself is never resin. Resin simply isn’t strong enough to hold the water that goes into a swimming pool, so galvanized steel is used for the wall because steel provides the strength needed to hold together the enormous amount of weight and outward pressure in an above ground pool.


Eastgate Pools once carried resin top rails and uprights but we were not satisfied with its performance. Resin indeed does not rust, but it does deteriorate when exposed to prolonged UV rays. Resin starts to chalk fairly quickly and at about 5-7 years we noticed that customers were replacing top rails on resin pools. We noticed that customers that had galvanized steel top rails got a much longer life and provided a more durable and stronger product.


Do your pools have a stainless steel panel?

This stainless steel panel I refer to is in the section of the pool that has the skimmer and return. Our competitors story suggests that regular skimmer panels have the steel of the inner core of the wall exposed to the water if there is a leak in the skimmer, thus causing rust in the skimmer area. This is true if there is a standard gasket in the skimmer. The gasket used by Eastgate Pools is a U shaped gasket, it completely seels the steel wall away from any possible water intrusion, therefore protecting the pool wall from the leak. Keeping the standard pool wall keeps the wall looking the same all throughout instead of a silver panel that looks completely different from the rest of the pool.


Another reason we feel it is unwise to use a stainless panel is because, the stainless panel is not the same material as the rest of the pool and when you put two dissimilar metals together it cause deterioration of the weaker metal. It is true that going with a stainless steel panel will prevent the skimmer hole from rusting, but what isn’t mentioned, the area where the panel is bolted together will fail more quickly because of the use of two different metals.

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Suction Side Cleaner Stop Working?

Suction side automatic pool cleaners, Kreepy Krauly, Zap Vac, Dirt Demon just to name a few, do a really nice job keeping inground pools and above ground pools clean. However, we occasionally receive customer inquiries about a cleaner that just isn’t moving. Since a suction side cleaner (at least the ones I have personally worked with) only has one moving part, a flapper valve, that ultimately gives the cleaner its movement, a suction side cleaner that has stopped moving often has a problem with its flapper valve. Twigs or sticks are a common culprit and once removed, off the cleaner goes to do its job. But I have done this a long time and thought I would share a couple of my favorite stories for suction side cleaners that stopped moving.

True Story 1: Many years ago, when Kreepy Krauly’s were very new, I had a customer bring in their no longer functioning Kreepy. I took the cleaner out to a demo pool, hooked it up and could tell that the flapper valve wasn’t flapping. The question was why? A few minutes later I was holding a diamond wedding ring. The ring had been sucked up and it then stuck in the flapper valve causing the flapper to stop moving. Needless to say, the customer was happy that his wife’s wedding ring had been found. A double win! And I absolutely promise this story is true.

True Story 2: A few years later I am working the floor and a less than happy recent new pool owner brought in his automatic suction cleaner, a Zap Vac if I remember correctly, and proceeded to less than calmly tell me what he thought of his cleaner. I took the cleaner out to a demo pool and hooked it up, and just like in story 1, the flapper valve appeared stuck. The customer at this point felt even more compelled to tell me what he thought of the cleaner. About that time though, I dislodged the beer bottle cap that was stuck in the flapper valve and handed it to the customer. I calmly told him that I found his problem and then put the cleaner in the demo pool and showed him just how nicely the cleaner moved around when it wasn’t ingesting beer bottle caps! The customer didn’t act surprised that I found the bottle cap and I was just happy that his cleaner was now functioning properly. After all, I am a pool professional and I love a clean pool!

So in summary, if you have a suction side cleaner and it has stopped moving, always check the flapper valve. You never know. You just mind find a diamond ring!

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Liner Rehangs

When it comes time to have your liner replaced I think it is fair to say that the main goal is to have your pool looking like new again…or as close to it as possible.  There are a lot of factors that you want to consider when having this work done.  Perhaps the most important thing when replacing your liner is the fit of the new liner in a pool that has almost certainly shifted in some form or fashion.  We consider that to be as a critical as any component of a new liner installation, so we always perform measurements before finalizing any liner order.  We even do this on pools that we have installed because we want to make absolutely certain that our customers have the best possible fit for their pool.  A poorly sized liner will be quite obvious, and if you’re anything like me it will bother every time you see it.  We do a lot of liners every year, so if you want to pursue getting a new one and you want the peace of mind that it will be the best possible fit, come see us early so you can get a full season.  It’s our goal to keep that pool as the center piece of your own backyard oasis.

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Simple Spa is THE Spa Solution…Solution

For a few years now we have been predominantly putting new spa customers on our Simple Spa program.  I won’t get into every detail of the program, but I thought it important to elaborate on the one component that most frequently gets ignored.

The actual Simple Spa solution is a combination of 12 inert salts that you add weekly to break down what we call the slime layer in your spa, or more specifically to combat biofilm build up.  If that doesn’t sound pretty, it isn’t.  Within two hours of adding water to any container this biofilm layer will begin to form allowing a safe place for bacteria growth to occur and making it more difficult for normal sanitizers to eliminate said bacteria.  Simple Spa is the only product proven to eliminate biofilm and prevent it from coming back.  It is so effective that the medical industry in Europe uses a similar solution to flush and clean wounds.

What does that mean for the user?  Your water is cleaner, clearer, safer, and feels better.  All of this results in a better overall experience for the spa user.  Many of us have switched over to using synthetic oil in our cars to improve performance and keep engine components cleaner and longer lasting.  This product does many of the same things for your spa.  Calcium deposits don’t build up in jet bodies, on heating elements, on seal sets, or in plumbing lines.  It is the ultimate measure of service prevention.

More than anything customers that use the product know the quality of their spa experience.  When customers start out on the Simple Spa program it isn’t uncommon for them to stick with the basic components and eliminate the solution the next time around to save a few bucks.  The vast majority of those customers are back in no time because that experience suffers.  The water just isn’t the same without it.  We have always tried to improve the experience of pool and spa ownership and this is one of the most effective products we have ever offered to do just that.  Reducing maintenance, reducing chemical consumption and necessity, simplifying ownership, prolonging product life, and providing worry free comfortable and fragrant water all benefits of this remarkable product.  Even better, this can be used with any chemical system we offer.  If you are looking to change what you use on your current spa or just want to enhance the quality of your spa experience I would absolutely recommend adding Simple Spa to your routine.

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Sensation Pools

Our industry has a gap in product between the above-ground and the in-ground pool
markets, the Sensation Pool fills that void with your choice of a round or oval pool, there
are many sizes available. We are able to install the Sensation pool Above-ground,
Inground, Semi-inground or even into a hillside without the need for a retaining wall,
which makes this a possibility for just about any backyard. The Sensation Pool wall is
2” thick and has an insulation factor of R10 which helps with heat retention and the wall
height is 52” across the entire pool, you have two printed beaded liners to choose from
and the liners are thicker than the standard Above-ground liners.

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