Baseball Sales Event

While we at Eastgate Pools are used to having fantastic and widely popular sales events, it appears our Major League baseball franchise has decided to have a massive sale of their own. You can now buy slightly used professional baseball players for just a fraction of the price they are normally offered. Do you need a new mailbox, because a neighborhood hooligan knocked your old mailbox down with a baseball bat? Well, Billy Hamilton can service as your new mailbox. He is very fleet of foot and most likely can avoid being knocked off his foundation should the hooligans return. You do need to act soon though! At these prices players won’t last long.
–Scott P.

Eastgate Pools & Spas

Just For Fun…

Around here customers tend to refer to Max as the local celebrity because he has been the face of Eastgate Pools commercials for years. I thought you might find it interesting that I have my own little brush with celebrity, well not me personally, but my Mom. When I was much younger my mother moved to California to pursue a music career. While her band had some modest local success they never really made it “big”. Her connections did however lead to a rather unique opportunity. In 1986 G.L.O.W. or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling began. During the show’s third season my mother entered the ring as “Corporal Kelly”. Her turn as a traditional wrestling heel couldn’t be more different from her actual persona, but our family loves the story. Her wrestling career was cut short by injury and the eventual demise of the organization, but you can catch a glimpse of her final match below. I know this isn’t exactly pool related, but I thought it might be fun to take a look something a little different. Hope you enjoy the match!

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It is early but…

…We are selling in-grounds. Lots of them. Prices are very good and we’ve got some additional incentives right now that won’t last forever. If you’ve been thinking about getting an in ground pool, this is a good time to start the quest. Early buyers are on the top of the list for an early installation and will get to enjoy a full swim season.

Time to quit thinkin’ and start doin’. –Max

Eastgate Pools & Spas

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

May you be safe, happy, and blessed with a swimming pool in your yard.

From everyone here at Eastgate Pools & Spas, have a great 2016!

Fiesta Bowl

So when it does, it is a magical, mythical sight. Kind of like watching the Loch Ness Monster ride a Pegasus to discover the Ark of the Covenant. I am talking about this year’s Fiesta bowl where two monsters of mid-western football will meet on the gridiron. In this age of college football it seems that short of an annual rivalry game, you only see games that have the opportunity for an epic battle in bowl games. Kind of a shame that you have to play an 8 game division schedule, and then choose to fill the balance of the schedule with a lower level MAC type schedule. I understand that you can’t play a top level team every week, and sometimes when these games are scheduled there is a tremendous decline from time of schedule to date of play. I will be happily watching this game on New Year’s day pulling fervently for the Fighting Irish, all the while there will be dissention in my happy home with others screaming OH IO. –Chris

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El Niño

Your guess is as good as anyone’s. Is it El Niño, or global climate change, or is it just a weather anomaly? What is very apparent is that this may go down as the winter that wasn’t. As adults, this is somewhat of a relief not having to drive in the snow, and the Duke bill is not as frightening to open each month. As a kid though, the prospect of a school year without a snow day is terrifying. In their eyes if they have to make up days if there are more than five missed, then does the school owe them days if they don’t miss any? Perhaps though this will lead into an early spring with beautiful weather starting earlier instead of later. –Chris

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Merry Christmas to you! Or whatever you celebrate!

As we celebrate the Christmas holiday, I am happy to avoid the political correctness issue and wish everyone the best for this special time.
So Merry Christmas to you and yours. Here is how Merry Christmas is worded in a few places and in different languages from around the world:

Punjab India… karisama te nawām sāla khušayāmwālā hewe
Africa (Swahili)… Krismasi Njema
France… Joyeux Noel
Bulgaria… Vesela Koleda
Germany… Frohe Weihnachten
Madagascar… Tratra Ny Noely
New Zealand… Meri Kirihimete
Scotland… Blithe Yule
Thailand… Suk sarn warn Christmas
Poland… Wesołych Świąt
Nepal… Kreesmasko shubhkaamnaa

And from the Klingon Empire…
toDwI’ma’ qoS yItIvqu’


Here we go again?

I realize that this feels like the standard Cincinnati sports collapse.
Thinking back to Kenyon Martin, Tim Krumrie, or Carson Palmer, but this one feels different though. I fully believe that AJ McCarron is a qualified back-up who will not wilt under the bright lights of the big game. A former stand out at The University of Alabama, he is used to the attention of 100,000 people with all eyes on him. I realize that the playbook may have to be trimmed down a bit, but I fully believe that he will be a competent replacement, who may even win us some games. I remember a sixth round pick, who came in as a back-up due to injury, and then led his team to the Super Bowl. Not saying that I am looking to Tom Brady as a shining star, but just goes to show that they are on the roster for a reason.


A Pool Under the Tree

Have you been thinking of a new way to decorate your home for the holidays? Try putting an inground pool under the tree! Well, the excavation would be tough, but if you want to impress the relatives and neighbor, you’ll have rectanglepoolto live with a little mess and collateral damage but if you want this holiday to be special, you should go all out. If you like the idea of a pool and want to thrill your family, maybe a better idea would be to purchase a pool from Eastgate Pools and put a couple pool toys and a picture of your pool under the tree. It would be less dramatic, but for the long hall, might be better. An added bonus for going this route is, we still have 2015 special pricing and prices on pools typically go up a bit once we get new pricing from our vendors in the new year. If you truly want a Christmas to remember, think pool, you know your family will be ecstatic!

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What’s in a Name?

Working in the retail world I know the weight a name brand can carry with a customer. There are times where that should absolutely be the case, and there are times when that is a sure fire way for a customer to pay more than they should. Pool tables are one area where this seems to really apply.
There are certain names in the industry (you can probably guess some) that everyone assumes cascadeare the best because they tend to be household names they’ve heard of through the years. In reality, some of the big names aren’t near the quality they used to be because production has been moved to cheaper labor areas or even the name has been sold. Don’t be fooled.
A quality billiard table generally has good thick slate, natural gum rubber cushions, and solid wood top rails and aprons. Obviously, that is a stripped down version of what to look for, but if all things are held equal why would you pay more for a big brand name? Many tables have stronger sub structures than their predecessors and there are pool tables that have been around for decades. Come in to visit us and we can show you exactly what I’m talking about. And if you do choose to buy from us you’ll also get professional installation and your choice of cloth color. I’m sure it would be worth your time.

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