A Change of Scenery

2016 will mark the beginning of my 13th season here at Eastgate Pools and Spas. As one of our in ground pool sales specialists I spend a decent amount of my time sitting at one set of furniture in our dedicated pool area. Well that area recently got a facelift as we retired the old cushion set that was there (along with Dos the cat’s shedding hair) with a new high back sling set. While beautiful and quite comfortable this set is not for sale, but if you’re looking for an in ground swimming pool there is a great chance that you will get the chance to take it for a test drive.

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Heat That Spa Up!

Every year there are calls from customers about winterizing their spas. People call wanting us to come out and shut the spa down for the colder months or wondering what the proper procedure is to prepare the spa for freezing temperatures. I always want to ask why? To me there is no better time of year to keep that spa cooking.
First of all, you assume virtually no risk to your spa when you maintain the temperature. In twelve years here I can assure that most of the “free” spas customers acquire have plumbing issues from winterizing gone wrong. It takes more than pumping the water out of the spa itself to protect it.
Secondly, it is one of the absolute best times to use you spa! I know when I would work at the cold storage warehouse with my father years ago that my back and shoulders would get so stiff from trying to stay warm. Point being, those cold days are some of the days when you need that relief the most.
All I can ask is if you are on the fence about closing your spa down for the winter, give it a whirl first. I’m guessing you’ll like it more than you think. If you decide it isn’t right for you, then please call us and let us professionally winterize your spa so your investment is protected. Stay warm!

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We hope you had a great day yesterday with family and friends. But if you ate too much, get off that sofa and get a little exercise going. Or…go get in your hot tub and get a little ‘simulated’ work out. It’s healthy and fun. Don’t have a hot tub? Well, we’re open 10-7 Monday thru Friday, 10-6 on Saturday, and 11-5 on Sunday and anytime during those hours, you can find a whole bunch of great hot tubs looking to be adopted. –Max

Eastgate Pools & Spas

From all of us here at Eastgate Pools & Spas, Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the day, and maybe do a little quiet reflection on all the things you have to be thankful for. Sometimes we forget just how good we have it until we sit down and think about it. And as a company, we really do appreciate all of our great customers that have made us so successful. We look forward to seeing you again soon. –Eastgate Pools & Spas Staff

Closed Thanksgiving Day!!!

Not because you can, on Thursday night starting at 6 pm, go to a major retailer and get a toaster for $2. This is not the kind of thanks that was intended when Thanksgiving_grace_1942the national holiday of Thanksgiving was created. I applaud major retailers like REI and Marshalls/TJ Maxx for bucking the current trend and not opening on Thursday evening. The time that we have with our families is precious and needs to be enjoyed. Please make time to spend with your family, that toaster will always be there, but as every one of us has experienced one day someone in the family will not. –Chris

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A Warm November…So Far.

Not to jinx us, but it has been ridiculously warm so far this November. So much so, I actually mowed my yard on November 14th. I’ve never had to do that this late before. And today, we just closed up the last above ground pool on our display lot.

I remember several years ago wearing shorts on Christmas but I also remember a year when we had about four inches of snow on Halloween. I guess we can just enjoy the warmer temps and save on heating expenses. But I am sure we won’t get away without some really cold, snowy days. Still, this makes me delay getting that snow blower I have been thinking about for the last few weeks. –Max

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Smoked Turkey

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year and looking to do something
special that everyone will remember for years to come?REDGRILLMV02-th Don’t deep fry
your turkey! Smoke it instead! Our Kamado Joe slow cookers are perfect
for a Thanksgiving bird. The slow cooking radiant heat that comes from
these ceramic ovens is what a lot the professionals use to cook meat to
perfection. Take a look at this video of a turkey being cooked on a
Kamado Joe. It will do a better job than I could with meager words.


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Pool Cues for You…

Once it gets colder things change around here just as I’m sure they do at your home. It also marks the time of year where our traffic ramps for all things indoor. One of our many winter options are pool table accessories and we have a bunch. We have everything from McDermott and Cuetec pool cues to Aramith Belgian pool balls. I’ve never been the best pool player, but I’ve always wondered if I shot with something a little nicer than a crooked cue from a pool hall if I might have at least been respectable. I was at least decent at Geometry, so that would have to help, right? Anyhow, if you want to take the next stop forward in your billiard skill level I’m sure we have some things to help. If nothing else it will help you look the part. Rack ‘em!

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It’s a what…?

When I was a freshman in college a million years ago at THE Ohio University, I was like most other freshmen. I knew nobody. So when I got talking to this English bloke he mentioned that he was a frequent attendee to the Student Union pool hall and asked me if I played too. “Sure” I told him, although I was not very good. He invited me to a game and after we each got a bottle of 3.2% Pabst, we headed to the table. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It was a BIG table. REALLY big. Turns out it was not a billiard table but was instead a snooker table.

“What the heck is this?” I asked. The table was 12’ x 6’ and had 22 balls. For over an hour he tried to explain the game to me but it made no sense. It still doesn’t.
We don’t sell snooker tables but we do sell billiard, or plain old pool tables. They’re fun all year long, but especially in the winter when it’s too cold to be outside for any longer than it takes to walk the dog or get the bills out of the mail. –Max

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Ever Heard of Ton 80?

I wouldn’t fault anyone for not knowing that terminology, but that is the dart term for hitting three triple 20s in one turn. Chances are if you don’t know the term you aren’t the most likely candidate to accomplish such a feat, but if you haven’t really played darts you’re missing out. After Christmas break during my sophomore year of college one of my friends (actually the RA on my hall) brought a nice bristle board to his room. dartboardThe entire second semester of that year we spent playing Cricket and trying to win by the most points possible to proudly display our victory on the “Whoopins” list. Any game where you defeated your opponent by more than 300 points qualified. We were merciless, especially once we bought our own quality dart sets. I still have those darts today, actually. A few of us even entered the intramural dart tournament. We thought for sure we would steamroll the competition. I was promptly defeated by a guy whose brother was actually ranked in the state of Tennessee. He opened with Ton 80 which promptly had me playing catch up. I digress, but if you would like to give an incredible game a try stop in and pick up a board and a set of darts. It is fun, inexpensive and a game that you can really master. Check out our assortment of boards, darts, and accessories to start your own friendly competition.

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