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The most delicious food I have ever cooked was on my Big Green Egg. I saw it on Youtube and since I love salmon, I thought I would give it a try. This is how it’s done. Purchase salmon with skin still on. Rub some olive oil on the salmon and add your favorite seasoning and allow it to sit for a couple hours in the fridge with the seasoning on. Acquire cedar grilling planks and soak them in water for an hour. Get your Egg up to 450 degrees on direct heat. Place the plank on the grill for 5 minutes and then turn the plank over and lay the salmon directly onto the plank and close the lid and walk away. After 15 – 20 minutes, you will see some white creamy fat start to ooze out of the salmon, that mean it is cooked medium well and it is time to take the salmon off the grill.

My dad is not a big fan of salmon. Well, he asks me often to make it for him after he experienced my cedar plank salmon cooked the Big Green Egg. It remains moist and cooked to perfection. There is no reason to go out to a nice restaurant if you own an Egg. The Egg should last you the rest of your life. It’s a one-time purchase for a lifetime upgrade to awesome food.  –Scott

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Chilly nights

It’s that time of year, where the temperature drops at night and a jacket may not cut it.  Well, we may have the answer for you, an outdoor fire pit or even an outdoor fireplace may be the thing to have this fall.  Do you want a propane or natural gas fire pit for easy light, or an outdoor wood burning fire pit or even fireplace made out of stone? Or maybe even the entire outdoor room: pergola, kitchen island, furniture, fire pit and/or fireplace.  –Matt

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Big Green Egg. Join the Club!

I see it every week in the retail store. Customers walk in and see our Big Green Egg display and are drawn to it. They are drawn to it typically because they know someone that has one and that person is a fanatic about their Egg and rave about the product. So, obviously this kind of endorsement peaks one’s interest. I am often asked, “What makes them so special”. I didn’t know what to say prior to getting a Large Big Green Egg for myself. After getting one I am now as passionate about the product as anyone. The problem I have, as a sales person, it is hard to put in words what makes the Egg such a special grill. The best answer I can give is, it is cooking perfected. These are heavy, massive units that are made out of ceramic, so it effectively gives very even cooking. I admit, that doesn’t sounds so special. That is why to really appreciate the Big Green Egg, you have to own one. The Egg makes it very easy to be a great cook. I think that is why I like it so much, as I have never in my life really cared about being considered a good cook. Now that I own one, I volunteer to cook so that I can show off my skills. In reality, it is not my skills, it is the grill which makes the difference. One small example is a month ago I slow cooked 4 pork shoulders for a total of 16 hours without having to add more charcoal to the grill. I went to bed at midnight, left the air intake barely open and it stayed at 225 degrees the whole time. It was easy! The party that I cooked for had plenty of bbq pulled pork for 80 people and it feels good doing something very well. I guess a feeling of success is why people fall in love with the Egg. We do like to feel good about the work we do.  –Scott P.

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New Skimmer Plug

I’m sure some of you are familiar with the foam plug that can be used in your above ground pool skimmer called the Skimmer Plug.  The point of the plug is to prevent you from having to drop the water level in your pool.  This saves you from the expense of wasted water and chemicals both at the end and beginning of the season.  Many of our customers with the hydromatic skimmer haven’t had the luxury of this simple winter solution, but that has changed this year.  With a Skimmer Plug and winter plug for the return, you can simply and safely close your pool as easy as possible.  –Craig

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Use it Up!

I had a customer asking me today about buying 3” tablets and whether they would still be effective next year.  In a word…Yes!  Generally speaking granular and tablet forms of pool and spa chemicals will last at least a couple years if kept in a dry environment.  Liquid chlorine is definitely an exception to this rule.  Liquid chlorine loses strength over time and anything kept over the winter will be basically worthless come spring.  If you have any gallons sitting around at the end of the season, make sure to use them up or they won’t be worth using next year.  Just some friendly advice for the off season.   –Craig

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Pool winterizing tip #2:

When closing your above ground pool, don’t hang weighted jugs from the grommets. The concentrated weight can cause the cover to fray at the stress points and let the stuff on top leak into the pool. Plus, you’ll then need to buy a new cover next year and this is not warrantable.  Instead, just cinch the cable down tight and then wrap a winter seal wrap around the pool. It helps keep wind from getting under the cover and making it look like a parachute. –Max

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Pool winterizing tip #1.

If you are in the process of winterizing your pool, here is a tip: Don’t heavily shock or chlorinate your pool. Chlorine is an oxidizer and when it gasses off, the chlorine gas is trapped between the water and the bottom of the cover. The chlorine weakens the cover and dramatically reduces its life. It can even cause the cover to fail, dropping whatever is on top of the cover into the water below. We recommend using specially formulated winterizing kits that will not harm your cover and add life to the cover.  –Max

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Your Grandkids Will Thank You…

Baby boomers have gone pool crazy! You want to know why? Grandkids. Baby Boomers are starting to retire and with a lifetime of hard work and saving, you know what they want to do? They want to spend time with their grandchildren. I can’t think of a better reason to own a pool quite frankly. It makes sense as well. Without a pool when the grandchildren come over, what do they have to do? They love and kiss on their grandparents and then sit around and watch tv or play games and end up listless and bored. That won’t happen when you get a pool. The question grandkids ask when the grandparents have a pool is, when do we get to go over and have a swim? And, can you blame them? Children love pools, they love their grandparents and you add them both together and it equals a happy family and some great memories.

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Sometimes you’ve got to break some eggs

Every year I have customers call in regarding their pool installations, and stating that their yard is not in the same condition that it was when we arrived. This statement I agree with wholeheartedly, the yard is different when we leave than it was when we arrive, you now have a pool. Yes there is dirt piled in the yard, and yes there are tracks from where the equipment has accessed, and moved around the pool during the excavation/installation process. We absolutely do our best to minimize any additional damage to yards, but let’s be honest this is a major construction project that is happening in your yard, and you will see evidence of our being there.

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Grand Prize Winner!

Congratulations to Ed Flannery of the Ripley area!  Ed was our Anniversary Sale grand prize winner. Here we are presenting him with his $500 Eastgate Pools Gift card. Ripley is about an hour away but in his case, the drive was well worth it!


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And they’re off

That’s right it’s that time of year again. Not talking about the ponies that make their run the first Saturday of May, I’m specifically referencing pool covers. To some people it seems too early to open the pool, and that the proper time to take the cover off is for the Memorial Day holiday. Admittedly there may not be much, if any swimming done between the first and last week of May but it is a safer bet to do it now. If there are any unforeseen water quality, or mechanical issues it is better to find it now rather than trying to scramble at the last minute.

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Options Abound!!!

A few months ago we introduced our new line of Island Grills, Outdoor Fireplaces, and Pergolas from Housewarmings Outdoor.  Well, they have already improved their offerings in their Island Grills.  Originally we were only able to offer two granite finishes for the island surfaces, but there are now a number of unique tile options, as well.  Because they buy a large volume of granite you can buy it for just a small upgrade from the tile, but we love the versatility of giving our customers more choices.  If you haven’t already seen these new offerings do yourself a favor and check them out.  With more and more families expanding their living space to the outdoors, it just made sense to make sure we could meet the needs of our customers.  It is also great to have something manufactured in a controlled environment that is engineered to last.  Come take a look at the new display and I think you’ll love what you see…and you can have any of these products without having landscapers move into your yard for the better part of a month!

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They Like Their Pools Bigger in Chile…

I was just wondering the other day about the largest pool ever built.  Turns out this mammoth man made lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar is the world’s largest pool and nothing else even comes close.  The pool takes up 20 acres and contains 66 million gallons of water.  That would only need 6600 gallons of liquid shock a week.  Take a look at this video for some additional facts and some amazing views of this spectacular body of water.

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The Big Weekend is Almost Here!

Our 36th Annual Anniversary Sale will held April 29th , 30th, and May 1st. Most of you know already know about the great deals on pool chemicals and supplies but for those of you new to the event, it is our biggest sale of the year with guaranteed lowest prices of the year on pool chemicals and accessory items. The first 50 people through the door each days will get a free gift and we will have hourly door prize drawings. The Grand Prize is a $500 store shopping spree. Also, we will have the grill fired up and will be serving free hot dogs, bratwurst, and metts each day beginning at noon. There may also be some sweet things fired up on our Big Green Egg grill too.

Check your mail soon for our world famous yellow sales flyer. It will be arriving sometime next week to a mailbox near yours.  Well…hopefully to yours actually

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More Baseball Fun


Who said it? Here are the answers from Tuesday’s blog.


1.  “Bench me or trade me!” (Chico Ruiz, after getting extended playing time due to other players’ injuries.)


 2. “I just want to say…”We’ve got the rings, we’ve got the money, we’ve got everything!”  (Chris Sabo in his victory speech on Fountain Square after the Reds won the 1990 World Series.)


 3. “Marty, do you have your shirt on?” (Adam Dunn spoofing Mary Brennaman on the Banana Phone.)


4. “I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.” (Pete Rose.)


5. “Slumps are like a soft bed. They’re easy to get into and hard to get out of.” (Johnny Bench.)


6. “I only had a high school education and believe me, I had to cheat to get that.” (Sparky Anderson.)


7. “You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you.” (Yogi Berra.)


8. “Not only was I not the best catcher in the Major Leagues, I wasn’t even the best catcher on my street!” (Joe Garagiola, when asked how he compared to Yogi Berra.)


9. “I know, but I had a better year than Hoover.” (Babe Ruth, when asked why he deserved a higher salary than the President–$80,000 a year compared to the President’s $75,000.)


 10. “Fans, for the past two weeks you have been reading about the bad break I got. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” (Lou Gehrig’s goodbye speech at Yankee Stadium.)

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