Water Clarity

     I know no one likes a cloudy pool! If you’ve been to the store recently you probably have noticed all the construction going on around Eastgate.  With that said, we have noticed that our pools closest to the road have had a lot of dust and dirt migrate to the pools while they work on the roads.
     Vacuuming is typically the easiest way to combat the issue, but as most know, as you vacuum you are stirring the pool up with all the particulate matter. So, what do you do to assist the filter to get the finer particles out?  Depends on what filter media style you have, if you have a sand filter you can use clarifier or floc.  If you have a cartridge filter, as most of our aboveground customers do, you can use a natural enzyme and can take your manual vacuum (as if it was hooked up to vacuum) and flip over in the center of the pool with the vacuums underside aiming toward the sky to act as a bottom drain. This will give you circulation throughout the entire pool and enable you to filter 100% of the water.
     If for whatever reason these suggestions do not clear up your cloudy pool come on in and see our water test experts. You could be low on chlorine or have an improperly balanced alkalinity that could be making the pool hazy. Testing the water is recommended once every two weeks to assure properly balanced water.

Algae: Killer of Dreams

      I am the strikingly handsome water tester here at Eastgate Pools and Spas, and as this handsome chemical specialist I have seen pools that looked as if they could easily pass for swamps, complete with mosquitoes, frogs, and the occasional crocodile. Algae is the scorn of the pool owner’s existence. I am not saying that as a person who sits behind a counter and tests water all day; I am a fellow pool owner and I have felt your pain first hand.

      Last year, I purchased a high end, blow up pool from Wal-Mart for my second story patio deck in Clifton. Now, I know what you are thinking: hundreds of pounds of water, sitting on a worn down second story deck at a college house in Clifton is an idea worthy of Nobel Peace Prize consideration, and let me say, for the first few weeks you were right. Complete with a homemade skimmer net, artfully crafted from the finest 50 year old window screen we found in a Clifton dumpster, the pool was the envy of the town.

     Until algae wrapped its clutches around my beloved pool. The crystal clear water that my roommates and I heaved up in buckets from the neighbors’ house quickly turned into a black abyss where my dreams went to die. In time, the pool evolved into a smoldering lagoon and a small militia of mosquitoes started to call my patio home. Eventually, I’d had enough and tossed the pool off the balcony.

      The purpose of me sharing this story with the people of Eastgate is to show that I am a man of the people (as well as an advocate of never buying a blow up pool from Walmart). I have felt your plight and I have come bearing great news. We at Eastgate can put your algae woes to rest! Don’t let your dreams get thrown off a balcony like mine viciously were. Take action, before it’s too late. Get tested.

I’m All Fired Up

About what you may ask? Is it the price of gas or groceries? Is it the fact that the thermometer is not hitting 80 degrees on a regular basis yet? The answer is no on both fronts, I’m fired up that May is national grilling month. For those of you like me there is no off season when it comes to grilling, but admittedly I grill more in spring and summer than in winter. To me, this is the perfect month  for national grilling month, completely shaking free from winter’s chill and the ability to be outside for long stretches in the evening on the patio around the grill. Whether you prefer gas or charcoal, use these nights to cook a great meal, and spend time with the family outdoors.


Spring has Sprung

It finally seems as though spring has reared its head. For a while it seemed as though winter was going to continue its stranglehold on the midwest and continue snowing for our 4th of July celebrations. But lo, we are lucky to see the sun. The buzzing of crickets in the night air. The smell of charcoal. Finally spring has sprung and earth starts its awakening cycle. We are excited to start digging for pools. To burn our grills to their fullest and eat the spoils of spring and summer. This is our season in the pool industry. We thrive on spring and summer. Its our chance to step our best feet forward and create beautiful oases in backyards throughout the tri-state area. If you have ever wanted to have that escape right in your back yard come in and see us. You will see why Eastgate Pools & Spas emanates our tagline “Resort Living at Home”.

Anniversary Sale Live Blog #3

Heinz photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5-2

Anniversary Sale Live Blog #2



Toby, our Kamado Joe Representative, standing by his Classic Joe and Big Joe as they cook up delectables.

Smoked Chili Con Queso

ChiliConQuesoCloseUp ChiliConQueso

We have been topping our Metts with this delicious Chili Con Queso. Extremely gratifying!


Anniversary Sale Live Blog

This is what is going on right now at our Annual Anniversary Sale. Not even a little rain can stop us from grilling for all of our amazing customers.



Anniversary Sale is in Full Swing!

Here’s a couple of photos to show you our setup today. We have our Kamado Joe Rep, Toby, grilling on two Kamado’s and, as we do every year, we have our weenie wagon grilling up hot dogs, brats and metts. So, come on down to rake in the savings and have some delicious barbecue on us.

AnniversaryKamado AnniversaryTents

Our Storefront

Ever notice the curvature that graces the front of our store?  The brief history of this building is that it used to be an 84 Lumber, and the curved area outlined an open-air overhang.  We did an addition twenty years ago and enclosed that overhang area.  The old wall used to be where the row of four pillars are that separate the billiard from hot tub departments and the front counter from the furniture areas.   And the entrance to the store was right in the middle where the Boca Patio Furniture is currently located.  If you came to Eastgate Pools before the addition, you would find a series of above ground swimming pools under the front overhang.  In fact, the front desk areas and big sections of the billiard departments were underwater at one time because these pools were filled.

Perhaps you even shopped at the old 84 Lumber before we were here and remember our original store about a half-mile away.  It was next to the Midas right off 32.  Tiny!  My have times changed.

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