We Have Big Green Egg!

That’s right.  Eastgate Pools & Spas is now home for the most famous ceramic grill in the world—Big Green Egg.  Special thanks to our sales rep, Robert Coriell.  Robert was recently here cooking up pizzas and an egg souffle. WOW!  We ate great that day.  I’d never eaten a grilled kamado-style pizza but now I can’t wait to do this at my home.  His pizzas were the best I have ever had.  We also carry all the most popular accessories too, from cookbooks and Big Green Egg Organic Lump charcoal, to pizza stones and remote temperature sensors.  Stop in and see everything.  There is some really neat stuff there– truly EGGcellent!

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Enjoy The Patio Year Round

Let’s face it, none of us really like winter. I know there are things that can only be done in winter like skiing, playing in the snow, ice skating on Fountain Square. Other than that though we really are trapped indoors by Mother Nature and her unwelcoming temperatures. Properly furnished though, your deck or patio can be welcoming for more of the year. A fire pit will add warmth and a legitimate gathering point outside on the nights with a bit of nip to the air. A grill of any type, be it a smoker, a traditional gas grill, or a full outdoor kitchen gets us out of the house while keeping the family fed. Spas are a great way to warm the bones, and the soul after a long day of outdoor winter work or play. The long and short of it Mother Nature may be in control, but let’s wrest a little bit of her power and keep those four walls expanded for as much of the year as possible.

A Widely Celebrated Death

I remember being much younger, and thinking that I was never going to grow up and sound like my parents. As get older though I find that there are certain things that were said to me that I am now saying to my children such as ” how can you listen to that garbage music?” I understand types of music and the artists (if you can call some of them that) go in cycles. What is the hot thing today may be looked at 5 years from now with disdain and utter disgust of one’s self for not only listening but singing along with that drivel. Then you look in the bottom of that one seldom accessed dresser drawer to find that you not only reveled in the music, but have the t-shirt to prove it. I think without question the death of the musical genre that was met with the most fanfare and revelry was the day that disco died. Don McLean recorded his most famous hit about that tragic February in 1959, where 3 young and talented musicians left us far too early.  Is it odd though that no one has bothered to write a song about the death of disco? Is it because disco isn’t really dead and it is working at a burger joint in Kalamazoo Michigan, or is it the fact that the death is less mourned and more celebrated?

Get Ready For Warmer Days

It happens every year about this time. The days grow longer with the warmth of the day increasing little by little, until we are fully into spring. For those of you out there that feel like I do, and are looking forward to the spring’s arrival but know that the furniture outside should have been retired many moons ago come in and take a look. Our main showroom has been transitioned from winter type items, and is now stuffed full of new 2016 casual furniture. For those of you looking for a great deal our second showroom has fantastic values on remaining 2015 stock. Either way there are prices and styles to fit most budgets and styles. For those of you that have a particular design, or color that is not in stock now is the perfect time to custom order furniture and have it in plenty of time to enjoy the full 2016 season in your new furniture. I welcome you to stop in and take a look, and find that set that fits your criteria.

Big News!

We are the newest Big Green Egg retailer in the region. We are excited to bring the Big Green Egg to our lineup of quality outdoor lifestyle products. You may be asking—what about Kamado Joe? First, let me state that Kamado Joe is a great line of ceramic smoker grills and we have had great success with them and customer satisfaction is extremely high. Our only problem with them was the occasional problem in the supply line. We would have an unexpectedly strong sales period and run out. Re-supplying sometimes took a little longer than we wanted and it is hard to sell product you don’t have. We feel that Green Egg is better prepared to handle supply needs and we look forward to providing our customer base with a really great, world-famous ceramic smoker grill. Come see us.

To Soak or Not to Soak…

As long as I’ve worked with and around grills, wood chips and adding a smoke flavor to your grill is one of the more popular things the outdoor chef likes to do.  I’ve always heard that it is best to soak the wood chips to prevent them from burning up inside the body of the grill.  Well, recently I read an article claiming this to be unnecessary.  The article’s main claim was that the chips generally won’t soak up enough water to have much of an impact and you spend the initial heat putting out water vapor without adding any of the flavor from the chips.  Basically, you need the chips to smoke to really capture the benefit.  Now, I’m not here to tell anyone how they should or shouldn’t manage their grill or smoker, but I thought this would be an interesting piece for some of our customers or anyone else that might happen upon our blog.  Take a look at the full article below:


For a Real Deal…

I myself like to go to the home shows and take a look for new ideas around the house, both inside and outside. From doing these home shows in the past I understand the kind of time and preparation goes into putting your company into one of these shows. The other thing that I understand is the fact that there is a significant amount of money required up front, not only to secure booth space but for products to display. Depending on the size of the booth, and type of product you are showing it is possible that before the doors open on the first day a company has spent $20,000 for their booth. With that being said if you buy a durable good at one of these shows, are you really getting the best price? Sometimes you are, but I ask that before you pull the trigger look at that company’s showroom for the price on the same product. I also would say to look at retailers that are selling the same type of merchandise, but are not displaying at the show. You may find that by doing a little extra legwork that the “great deal” at the show is not so fantastic, or that a company that does not have a show display has a product that is of equal or greater value at a lower selling price. Sometimes he who hesitates is lost, but in some situations haste makes waste.

That “Special” Deal

When you buy a car there is an expectation that the car is complete and there is nothing additional required. If the salesman told you that the tires were additional you would walk out of the dealership no matter how “special” the deal was, because once you added the price of the tires the deal was no longer special. You have an expectation of completeness when you make a purchase, except for batteries, because as always batteries are not included. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when talking about spas at some retailers. As a consumer make sure that the “special” deal is actually special, not a hidden add on shell game. Make sure that the price you’re given on a spa includes the delivery, AND SET UP not just a driveway delivery. Also make sure that there are no hidden upcharges for covers, or chemicals.

Swimming Pool by Emily The Great

I was in my car this morning and heard a really neat song on NPR’s, Songs We Love. The song was by Emily the Great and it was titled, Swimming Pool. Like most employees, my work becomes a lot of work and this song reminded me that swimming pools are fun and clean and nice. When I was a kid, one my greatest joys was having a swimming pool and having my friends and family over and everyone enjoying each other’s company in a clean clear swimming pool. It made everyone very happy to come over and it made any event at our house a special event, because we had that large pool that gave everyone something to do. It felt like it transported us to somewhere else, another place where there were no worries, just fun and laughter.  So, I thought it would be fun if I shared the song in the hope that you will listen and enjoy it.


They Like Their Pools Bigger in Chile…

I was just wondering the other day about the largest pool ever built.  Turns out this mammoth man made lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar is the world’s largest pool and nothing else even comes close.  The pool takes up 20 acres and contains 66 million gallons of water.  That would only need 6600 gallons of liquid shock a week.  Take a look at this video for some additional facts and some amazing views of this spectacular body of water.


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