Chaise Lounges

chaiseslingIf you are having people over to your house for a pool party, you are going to need some chaise lounges! Where do you think all those people are going to sit? Luckily for you, Eastgate Pools has chaise lounges hanging from the ceiling and at very reasonable prices. Our chaise lounges start at just over $100, so you can load up the side of that pool and not bust the budget and we have a large selection to match your outdoor look. Please stop by and take a look!

Get Your Gaskets Here!

Once the pools start opening up in the Spring and early Summer we get plenty of customers coming in looking for new liners for their pools. On inground pools we always sell new faceplates and gaskets, but for whatever reason aboveground liner customers don’t always get new gaskets. Since the skimmer panel is traditionally the most likely area to fail on a pool wall, it is the most critical area to protect. The best way to protect this panel is make sure there isn’t any leaking at the skimmer or return. For a small add-on you can protect your investment and keep your pool standing for years to come.—Craig

Eastgate Pools & Spas


I am excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out later this year. We have a robot that runs around in our inground pool outside that I have named R2Z2. It’s real name is the Aquabot Z2 and like R2D2, it can help you out of a jam when things appear to be at it’s most hopeless. R2D2 has little saws the pop out and cuts aquabotz2rope and ways to tap into the Death Star main frame computer and shut down giant garbage compactors. Well, the Aquabot Z2 drives up vertical walls, operates independently from the main filtration system and maps out and memorizes your pool, to ensure that your entire pool is crystal clear. ??Step up and recognize the future and embrace our robotic over lords, and buy R2Z2 and take him home with you! Resistance is futile and a lot more work.

Eastgate Pools & Spas

10 years ago, April 30th

I MattPicture600can’t believe it will be 10 years on April 30th that Eastgate Pools and Spas lost one of our employees!! Matt Buehler was a great man, friend, loyal employee to many around our store and he is missed by all that he was around on a daily basis.

We pay tribute to Matt with this picture that all of the employees see daily!!

Miss you Matt!!

Get to Know Polyester…

Since leisure suits aren’t as popular as they used to be it would seem people don’t know as much about polyester as they used to. In the casual furniture industry poly fabrics are a very popular and generally price competitive option. This is one of the common fabrics found in box stores, and while it can be durable, you should know what you’re getting. Polyester is great in the fact that it is recyclable, but it doesn’t generally have great color fastness. Treasure Garden offers a line of solution-dyed spun polyester fabrics called O’bravia. These fabrics are far softer, cooler, and heavier than most polys you will find on the market and it includes a 4 year warranty against fading. You can tell a great deal from the feel of a fabric. This is just one of the many options for umbrella fabrics. Let me just say you will definitely get what you pay for here. Stop in and let us show what separates one fabric from the next.—Craig

Eastgate Pools & Spas

New Umbrellas

UmbrellasOur newest shipment of umbrellas have made it to the sales floor! We have brought in a few different styles this year such as the Starlight umbrella. We have many different styles and sizes, as well as many different fabric grades and prints. We also have multiple Cantilever styles in stock as well.
On a side note- if we don’t have exactly what you are wanting in stock, we can special order that “perfect” umbrella for you from Treasure Garden. Tina

It’s Here!

You’ve waited all year for it and now the wait is over. It’s our 35th Anniversary Sale with big-time savings all over the store. Pool chemical prices will never be the lowest of the year and savings extend into hot tubs, patio and sunroom furniture sets, and pools themselves.AnnivFlyer1

Many of you have already received our WORLD FAMOUS yellow sales flyer but if you haven’t received it, check your EPerx e-mail. Or just stop in and pick one up here.

Friday April 24—10-8
Saturday April 25—10-6
Sunday April 26—11-5

Come have some fun with us and maybe…just maybe you will walk out with one of our hourly door prizes. The Grand Prize is a $500 shopping spree here at the store. Get free hot dogs, brats and metts too, cooked up picnic style out front.

Please..come join us!

Holy M10500 Batman!

We recently decided to bring one of these units in to check it out and….WOW is all I can say! It is effectively a three person spa, but it is 100% rock n’ roll. I know I always talk about spas in terms of water movement, but for the size this has to be one of the most impressive spas I’ve ever seen. The jets are all large and well placed. While it might not be the perfect spa for entertaining, it doesn’t miss the mark anywhere else. If you want supreme therapy at an affordable price this might be the perfect fit for you. –Craig


Just a Swingin’…

When I first started here at Eastgate Pools we had a handful of hammock options for our customers, but ultimately decided to stop carrying them when all the box stores were selling cheap alternatives that generally only lasted a season. Well, I’m happy to announce that we are back in the hammock hammockdisplaybusiness! Times have changed and so has the quality and variety of hammock offerings. We will have a wide variety of traditional softweavehammockrope hammocks in solution dyed colors, mesh sling style, and various padded options. Hammocks are the ultimate way to relax outdoors and we’re excited to have them back. Be sure to stop and see what we have to offer and try the comfort out for yourself!

The Reds aren’t the only game in town

I’m super excited that my son will be starting kid-pitch baseball this year!!! I played softball for nine years, and am ready for the more competitive games from here on out!!! The boys have already started batting cage, pitching and catching practices. This is the first year we’ve used an actual Catcher also! I can’t wait for opening day at Tealtown Ballpark with the parade of players and everything!!! COME ON SPRING!!!!

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