Big News!

We are the newest Big Green Egg retailer in the region. We are excited to bring the Big Green Egg to our lineup of quality outdoor lifestyle products. You may be asking—what about Kamado Joe? First, let me state that Kamado Joe is a great line of ceramic smoker grills and we have had great success with them and customer satisfaction is extremely high. Our only problem with them was the occasional problem in the supply line. We would have an unexpectedly strong sales period and run out. Re-supplying sometimes took a little longer than we wanted and it is hard to sell product you don’t have. We feel that Green Egg is better prepared to handle supply needs and we look forward to providing our customer base with a really great, world-famous ceramic smoker grill. Come see us.

To Soak or Not to Soak…

As long as I’ve worked with and around grills, wood chips and adding a smoke flavor to your grill is one of the more popular things the outdoor chef likes to do.  I’ve always heard that it is best to soak the wood chips to prevent them from burning up inside the body of the grill.  Well, recently I read an article claiming this to be unnecessary.  The article’s main claim was that the chips generally won’t soak up enough water to have much of an impact and you spend the initial heat putting out water vapor without adding any of the flavor from the chips.  Basically, you need the chips to smoke to really capture the benefit.  Now, I’m not here to tell anyone how they should or shouldn’t manage their grill or smoker, but I thought this would be an interesting piece for some of our customers or anyone else that might happen upon our blog.  Take a look at the full article below:

For a Real Deal…

I myself like to go to the home shows and take a look for new ideas around the house, both inside and outside. From doing these home shows in the past I understand the kind of time and preparation goes into putting your company into one of these shows. The other thing that I understand is the fact that there is a significant amount of money required up front, not only to secure booth space but for products to display. Depending on the size of the booth, and type of product you are showing it is possible that before the doors open on the first day a company has spent $20,000 for their booth. With that being said if you buy a durable good at one of these shows, are you really getting the best price? Sometimes you are, but I ask that before you pull the trigger look at that company’s showroom for the price on the same product. I also would say to look at retailers that are selling the same type of merchandise, but are not displaying at the show. You may find that by doing a little extra legwork that the “great deal” at the show is not so fantastic, or that a company that does not have a show display has a product that is of equal or greater value at a lower selling price. Sometimes he who hesitates is lost, but in some situations haste makes waste.

That “Special” Deal

When you buy a car there is an expectation that the car is complete and there is nothing additional required. If the salesman told you that the tires were additional you would walk out of the dealership no matter how “special” the deal was, because once you added the price of the tires the deal was no longer special. You have an expectation of completeness when you make a purchase, except for batteries, because as always batteries are not included. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when talking about spas at some retailers. As a consumer make sure that the “special” deal is actually special, not a hidden add on shell game. Make sure that the price you’re given on a spa includes the delivery, AND SET UP not just a driveway delivery. Also make sure that there are no hidden upcharges for covers, or chemicals.

Swimming Pool by Emily The Great

I was in my car this morning and heard a really neat song on NPR’s, Songs We Love. The song was by Emily the Great and it was titled, Swimming Pool. Like most employees, my work becomes a lot of work and this song reminded me that swimming pools are fun and clean and nice. When I was a kid, one my greatest joys was having a swimming pool and having my friends and family over and everyone enjoying each other’s company in a clean clear swimming pool. It made everyone very happy to come over and it made any event at our house a special event, because we had that large pool that gave everyone something to do. It felt like it transported us to somewhere else, another place where there were no worries, just fun and laughter.  So, I thought it would be fun if I shared the song in the hope that you will listen and enjoy it.

They Like Their Pools Bigger in Chile…

I was just wondering the other day about the largest pool ever built.  Turns out this mammoth man made lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar is the world’s largest pool and nothing else even comes close.  The pool takes up 20 acres and contains 66 million gallons of water.  That would only need 6600 gallons of liquid shock a week.  Take a look at this video for some additional facts and some amazing views of this spectacular body of water.

A short poem, by Harry Sears…

Be super cool,
With a new pool.

Whether an above ground
or a fancy in-ground,
there’s no better family fun
to be found.

Start a new tradition
where the whole family can partake,
A pool for Mother, Father and all the kids,
It’s lifetime memories that you will make.

When winter comes, can spring training be far behind…

Like many, I look forward to spring training and the baseball season to follow.  I’m am also a Reds fan and like others, I am critical of their trades last year and also their off-season ‘deals’. I don’t think we got nearly enough and I blame that on the fact that they made it obvious that they were going to move in a rebuilding mode with their  “we’ll listen to offers for anyone.” When other clubs know you are desperate you just won’t get as much in return.

My first (and continuing thoughts) are basically that we have a gloomy prospect for the year.  100+ losses are likely.  But maybe it is because hope does indeed spring eternally, I’ve decided that just maybe there is that ray of sunshine.  Let’s look at the projected lineup:

1st base–Votto.  One of the games best players.
2nd base–Phillips.  1 solid .280 hitter and defensively, I’ll take him over anyone in baseball.
Shortstop–Cozart. Solid defensively and before he was hurt last year, he was having an all-star quality season.
3rd base–Suarez. Looked good last year with some power numbers.  Can he replace Frazier?
Catcher–(1a) Mesoraco is a big question mark. In a position that takes a pounding on the legs, knees, and ankles, can he stay healthy.
Catcher–(2a) Barhart.  Solid defensively.  Can he hit a little bit?
Outfield–Bruce–If he is still here, can he gain some consistency at the plate.  30+ homers and an average over .260 would be sweet. Hamilton–run Billy run!  But you can’t steal first so he’s got to improve a lot at the plate. And in left field?  Hope.  Hope they can find someone and please…no platoon systems.  Platoons means you have two guys not good enough to play every day.
Pitching—Ah…who has a clue.  If Homer can come back and be good, that would help. IF a diaper dandy (or 2 or 3) develops, that would be even better.  And the bullpen?  JJ Hover or Aroldis.  I’m not feeling to good there but if the names above don’t perform, it won’t matter because there won’t be any saves to blow.

Have faith and maybe it will be another wire-to-wire year.  Unfortunately, the wire-to-wire more likely will be for last place.

And Now for Something Completely Different!

If you’ve made your way to our showroom in the last few years (and we’ll just assume you have) you will certainly have seen grills and smokers have become a popular product line for us.  Really they are one of the perfect compliments to the products we always offered.  We didn’t just want to stop with the simple stand alone barbeques so we have cleared out the front window of our showroom and filled it with some impressive new outdoor kitchens.  We also set up a brand new cedar pergola with stone pillars.  We didn’t stop there either.  Just outside of our second showroom we have a display of everything you need for your own outdoor room, including a beautiful stone fireplace.

There have been plenty of times we’ve gone out to open or close a pool that we installed only to find similar outdoor products at our customer’s homes.  Now you don’t have to look elsewhere or pay astronomical prices to a landscaper to build something onsite.  Stop in and we can show you the durability and benefits of this incredible new lineup of products.  I could tell you lots of details here, but there is no substitute for seeing the real thing.  Here’s a little sneak peak of the new instore display.

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Happy Leap Year!

This year we get to add an extra day in February because every four years, we go ahead and add a day to keep the calendar in line with the heavens. These additional 24 hours are added to ensure that Earth’s movement around the Sun stays in synch. While the modern calendar contains 365 days, the actual time it takes for Earth to orbit the sun is slightly longer—roughly 365.2421 days. It turns out we have to add this day or eventually, we would be celebrating the Fourth of July by shoveling snow off the driveway.


One of the odd occurrences of a Leap Year is a Leap Year Baby…a child born on February 29th. How exactly do you celebrate a leap birthday?  It officially happens just once every four years. So do you celebrate on February 28th or March 1st?  Or do you just get stuck with a bum date? Lastly, if you don’t have an official birthday, do you really age?  It’s kind of like ‘If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make any noise?’ Imagine being 80 years old but still not officially old enough to get into a bar and barely old enough to vote.


Okay—the last stuff was just silliness but I would be curious if there are any Leap Babies out there that could tell us about birthday celebrations.

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