Anniversary Sale is in Full Swing!

Here’s a couple of photos to show you our setup today. We have our Kamado Joe Rep, Toby, grilling on two Kamado’s and, as we do every year, we have our weenie wagon grilling up hot dogs, brats and metts. So, come on down to rake in the savings and have some delicious barbecue on us.

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Anniversary Sale!

Balloons are getting blown, the weenie wagon is getting assembled and the sales are starting to add up as we prepare for our annual Anniversary sale. 33 years in a row we have brought out the big sales to start up your pool season and we invite you down for the 34th installment coming April 25th, 26th & 27th. We will have door prizes and, as always, we will have food but this year we have an added twist.

This year we will have the one and only G-Willie at the store doing cooking demonstrations on Saturday the 26th. He will be serving up his award winning competition ribs as well as samples of all his sauces. We brought in his sauces because they recently won 1st prize at the Scovie awards and we simply could not stop eating the sauce as it is delicious. Come on in and grab some grub next weekend or grab yourself a jar of his delicious sauce.

Please make us a stop on your route next weekend while you are out shopping and come celebrate 34 years of excellence. We are happy to give you some delicious barbecue and have a ton of great deals for you to take advantage of and who knows, maybe you’ll win a shopping spree.

Thank You !!!

Wow—another Anniversary Sale has come and gone.  Many thanks to all of those that came out to see us and braved some less than perfect weather!  It may sound a little corny, but every year we look forward to seeing many of our old friends that stop in once a year to get all their supplies for the season.  Some go back to the early 80’s when we were just getting started.  But for most, we will see you again this season.  As always, we appreciate your business and your trust, along with your friendship.  –Max

Summer Sizzle Sale Begins May 5th!

Traditionally, we follow our anniversary shindig with the “Summer Sizzle Sale”.  In most years, the good old sun is shining and warming the earth.  We thought about changing this year’s title to the “Build and Ark Sale” but decided that a positive disposition and outlook would help the sun return and the ground to dry out.  Thus, the Summer Sizzle Sales lives.  –Max

Anniversary Sale And Winners!

Wow—what a weekend.  Wall-to-wall people here at Eastgate Pools & Spas kept us hopping!  Thank you to everyone that came out to help us celebrate our 31 years in business.

Now onto the fun:  We had many winners in our door prize give-aways and contest winners.  Somewhere along the way it was decided that it would be fun to have people guess how many hot dogs, metts, and brats that I would eat on Sunday May 1st.  Noticed that the optimal word is would eat, and not could eat.  I could have eaten far more than I did if time would have allowed, but I still managed to woof down 5 total.  This was a far total from some people that thought it would be in the dozens.  And one person actually guessed I would eat 53!  Come on now…!!!  We had a half dozen people pick the correct total so we drew a winner from those six and it was Melissa Nead from Georgetown.  Congratulations Melissa.  Your $100 store gift card is on the way to you.

We also did hourly door prizes for the entire Anniversary sale and many of you won floats, pool games, lounge chairs, and other goodies.  Special congratulations to our Grand Prize winner.  This is a $500 shopping spree here at Eastgate Pools & Spas…. and the winner is….. (Drum roll please)… Joan Martin from Independence Kentucky.

Thanks again to everybody that came out and dodged raindrops on two of the three days.  Wow—rain in Greater Cincinnati.  Now that’s something new isn’t it?  –Max

Come Help Us Celebrate Our Anniversary!

2011 marks our 31st year in business and we celebrate with our biggest chemical and accessory sale of the year.  This year the sale dates are April 29 and 30 and May 1.  Thousands of our existing customers have received their sale flyer, but I’d like to invite EVERYONE out there to come in this weekend to see us and save some serious greenbacks.

A lot has happened over the last 31 years.  From our quaint little store on Rust Lane—about 600-700 sq. ft.—to our current location with two showrooms and three tents (each tent is bigger than the Rust Lane store), we have grown because of two things.  One, we have provided quality products at affordable pricing.  Two, we have loyal clientele that keep coming back, year after year.  For this, we thank you and reaffirm our commitment to being YOUR store of choice.

So come on in this weekend (or any weekday or weekend you’d like) and see us.  Come for the fun (hourly door prizes), free food and drinks (hot dogs and soft drinks), and renewing old friendships (hey—most of us have been here for years).  Stop in, sit a spell, save some serious dollars, and tell or listen to the stories.  –Max

I’m Really Disappointed

Our anniversary sale is now over and all in all it was a success.  The one thing that let the entire company down was the sub par performance of one Max West.  Many of you know Max from our TV commercials and Max fancies himself some type of celebrity.  He was tasked with one job on Sunday and that was eating hot dogs, brats, and metts.  Customers were able to put their guesses in to see if they could win a $100 gift card.  We came up with a winner in the end but Max only ate 5 total.  We all expected so much more out of Max on the last day of the sale but he didn’t show up with his A game.  It has made me lose most of the respect I had for him as a major league eater and I have a void in my heart that may never be filled again.


Anniversary Sale Big Winners!

We had a wonderful Anniversary Sale Weekend! It was great to see all our regular customers and catch up on winter adventures. Many people enjoyed the free hot dogs, brats and metts we provided. (In case you are curious – the brats and metts were Johnsonville, the brat buns were Kroger brand).

Our big Anniversary Sale Winners were:

Kris Long – $250 Shopping Spree and Theresa Ziolkowski – $500 Shopping Spree.

Max only ate a combination of 5 brats, metts and hot dogs on Sunday. Rumor has it he chowed on a  few chocolate chip cookies and thereby reduced his intake. There were five correct guesses for our contest.  Our $100 gift card winner is Rick DePuccio. The four runners up: Diana Nordling, Connie Misch, Dottie Vinson and Tawnya Sullivan will receive a $25 gift card. For those interested many customers guessed that he would eat 4, 6 or 8. A few felt he would eat at least 20-25.

Eastgate Pools and Spas employees always enough our annual Anniversary Sale hosted the last full weekend of April. We know it is the kick-off for our summer season and can’t wait to show everyone what new products are available!

Happy Anniversary . . . To Us!

 It’s almost that time of year again…time for our 30th annual Anniversary Sale!  Can you believe it? …30 years. Man, we’re old. 😉 Of course, I’m completely joking, but 30 years is quite an accomplishment.  Make sure you come out and celebrate with us the last weekend of April.  As usual, we’ll have our free hotdogs and drinks, as well as some fantastic sale prices on the majority of our merchandise.  Door busters, hourly prize drawings, free food…now just keep your hopes up for good weather, and it sounds like a great time had by all.  We hope to see you then!


It’s That Time of Year Again!

It seems as though it wasn’t that long ago that we had the smell of hotdogs and brats filling the air around our store.  Our employees all lined up next to the customers at the grill and the sight of Max stuffing his face while carrying two more hotdogs to his desk still makes me laugh.  The customers were lined up at the gate, backed up al the way to the road, for their free gift and as they rolled in you felt like you would be overwhelmed by all the business.  We seem to always make it through, even though people are buying enough chemicals to last the entire year, and the days just fly by.  It’s so much fun to watch the families spend time together eating hotdogs and picking out the new toys for the summer.  That’s what our anniversary sale is all about.  It’s wonderful to find those great deals, but it also gives us a chance to see people spending time with the ones they love.  It gives you a preview of what the summer has in store for our customers and their families and that’s when you realize that we do bring happiness into their lives.  It may be our anniversary but we hope we can share it for years to come with every person who has been through our doors.