Chlorine & its Alternatives

If you’ve had your swimming pool for a few years and are not really enjoying using chlorine tablets, come see us to hear about a few different options. We carry salt hybrid systems, FROG systems, automatic chlorine feeders, Baquacil and for inground pools we also have salt systems. If you’re interested in hearing about these different options, please come and see us so we can show you the differences or feel free to give us a call and we’ll gladly try to give you as much information over the phone as we can!

Chlorine Tablets Make Great Christmas Presents!

Imagine the joy that special someone will feel when he (or she) unwraps that beautiful package to find . . . Chlorine tablet! For the pool owner, it’s usually the number one expense for the pool every year, so why not get a gift that’s not only lovelt, but practical! And right now, Eastgate Pools has all remaining buckets of chlorine tablets on sale.

So whether it’s birthday or anniversary time, the recipient will be impressed with your thoughtfullness and will appreciate the gift that keeps on giving (until the bucket is empty).

And for Christmas? Add some alkalinity and pH controls and you’ve got shopping covered. Stop in today and we’ll help you complete that list.

– Max