Baby Boomers Adjusting

I am part of the “Baby Boomer” generation and blogging was never part of my past. The owner just sent out a request that I produce three blogs. I was more apprehensive about this than I was when the Dr.’s office called and said it was time to schedule my next colonoscopy.


So, I went to the web and pulled up the site “Determine if blogging is right for you”. It went as follows.

    #1 You enjoy spending time on the web-I do appreciate the web. It is really helpful with product reviews and I love being able to instantly summon an answer to so many questions. Answers that I would have automatically known 10 years ago. It prevents a lot of the headaches I get when I have to think too long and too hard.

    #2 You like to write-I’d rather talk-much to my co-workers dismay.

    #3 You are passionate about your topic-I am very passionate about how blogging stresses me out.

    #4 You are very comfortable about publicizing your thoughts-I like talking one on one or to small gatherings.

    #5 You are not afraid of technology and are willing to learn- I am willing to learn but just have to find someone with the patience of Job, who is also bald, so that if they feel like pulling their hair out, I will not have to worry.

    #6  You are willing to take risk-It depends on the importance of the

adventure. I have risked limb and life to obtain the most sought after Christmas toy. Proof that there is indeed some risk taker in me.


I have come to the conclusion that some people are born to blog.  As for me, one down and two to go.  Stress level decreased by a third.  Maybe eventually you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.


Merry Christmas from Eastgate Pools!

Today is Christmas Eve and we are overjoyed the Holiday is upon us. We wish you all the Merriest Christmas, The Happiest Hannukah, the Grandest Kwanzaa & if you are celebrating another holiday we hope it is fantastic. Memories are made over the Holidays and I thought I would share one of my favorite memories with you.

“I have worked as a Freelance Film & Video technician for years and ESPN has been one of the companies I have continually worked for. One year, on Christmas day, I received a phone call to travel to Chicago to work Monday Night Football. It was about 2pm when I received the call and my buddy and associate Jeff said, ‘I haven’t had anything to drink yet, lets drive up.” I, on the other hand, had a few mimosa’s that morning and thought it best to leave the driving to the sober savior Jeff. We hopped in his Jeep and headed north out of St. Louis to Chicago. Now, as I had a few drinks before we hit the road I fell asleep on the ride up to Chicago. But, this led to such a delightful awakening I can only barely describe.

“I awoke and found myself in a dizzy of lights and sound. Michigan Avenue in full Christmas swing. People singing, lights buzzing and the whirlwind of luminosity and sound engulfed my waking existence and I found myself delighted in the hustle-bustle of the city. To my enjoyment we had a hotel shift and wound up on the 44th floor of the Four Seasons and as we got to our room, ESPN had provided us with a thank you bottle of champagne for driving up on Christmas day. Needless to say Soldier Field was freezing for the next two days of work and the game went into overtime just to ‘ice’ the cake but I will never forget waking up on Michigan Avenue on Christmas night. The splendor of a city that sings, bolstering its brightest street made a memory for me that will live for ages. Merry Christmas!”

-Zach Houser



Are You Ready For Christmas?

I am so excited for Christmas this year! All of my presents have been wrapped and under the tree for weeks. My tree only has homemade ornaments that I made with my kids. I have all sorts of new recipes, games and ideas to do with my family this year!!!  I’m ready to bake some cookies with my boys, tuck them in bed and wait for Santa Claus to come visit us! Hurry up Christmas!! We are waiting patiently!!

Just In Toys

We just received a new shipment of pool toys! We have some really cool items for those on your Christmas list or for a birthday party; even some for those older folks that are young at heart. Stop by and check out our new toy items!!!


Christmas From July

We have all heard the saying Christmas In July, but for me, the month of March brings Christmas From July.  What?  Well you see, the buying season for casual furniture begins for me in July when the patio furniture manufacturers show their lines for the upcoming season at the Furniture Pre-Market Show in Chicago.  Between July and late September, all of my orders for the 2012 season were written.  The time period between then and March is when all of these orders arrive, but March is when all of these new items start to make it to the showroom floor.  So for me, as each set makes its way to the floor, I eagerly wait for each set to make its grand appearance.  I wonder to myself, did I pick the right color, the right fabric, the right accessory pieces?  Will I like it now as much as I did 7 or 8 months ago?  Heck, sometimes I even forget exactly what I purchased, so it really is like opening a Christmas gift.

I invite you to stop into Eastgate Pools & Spas and share in my holiday joy while checking out all of the latest casual furniture for the 2012 season.  I truly believe this year’s lineup is the best ever, and I hope that you will agree.

Chlorine Tablets Make Great Christmas Presents!

Imagine the joy that special someone will feel when he (or she) unwraps that beautiful package to find . . . Chlorine tablet! For the pool owner, it’s usually the number one expense for the pool every year, so why not get a gift that’s not only lovelt, but practical! And right now, Eastgate Pools has all remaining buckets of chlorine tablets on sale.

So whether it’s birthday or anniversary time, the recipient will be impressed with your thoughtfullness and will appreciate the gift that keeps on giving (until the bucket is empty).

And for Christmas? Add some alkalinity and pH controls and you’ve got shopping covered. Stop in today and we’ll help you complete that list.

– Max

The Great Eastgate Music Debate

We have a little satellite radio tuner here that we play in the store.  In my time here we have played stations with steel drums and Jimmy Buffett, 80’s tunes, adult contemporary, and 70’s hits…which is really just a bunch of Disco music.  I guess I’m just one of those people that cannot block out background noise, but I wish we could find a station for customers to appreciate while not driving those of us that are here five days a week insane.  Christmas music is here, which means I will have a reprieve from the mundane, but that station tends to be even more repetitive.  Anyhow, I suppose I’m just venting a bit, but ultimately I’m curious as to what our “audience” here at Eastgate Pools & Spas would find most pleasing.  I know you never what to play music that is too risqué, but I’m always wondering what our patrons really would enjoy.  Let me know what you think and it might your own personal soundtrack playing next time you stop by!