The City Pool

As a young child growing up in a blue-collar middle class steel mill town we had very few extravagant things we could do.  When the malls came in it was a huge deal and also showed what was to become of a great city filled with hard working men and women who loved their family, football, and country in that order.  Ashland now stands as shopping Mecca for many in the Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia tri state area but some small reminders of what it was 20 years ago still remain.  My friends who still live there have wonderful families and it makes me happy to know they are doing well.  On crisp fall Friday nights many families still head down to Historic Putnam Stadium and show up 7,500 strong to root on the Tomcats.   My fondest memory of those years were the many days spent at the local city pool about ¼ mile from my house.  The pool was larger than life at about 300 feet long and ranging in depth from 6 inches to 10 feet.  It was wonderful place to spend a summer day with more than enough activities to keep you busy all day.  Its sad to say the have since filled in the pool and no longer operate any of the other city pools that existed when I was a child.  Things have changed in Ashland but I still look back on it as wonderful place to grow up.