A Scientific Look At Algae And Carbon Dioxide

Most of us look at algae as a horrible, disgusting, pain-in-the-neck that can easily ruin a summer.  While this is, at times, true, we also need to remember that it is just a plant.  As a science teacher, I love to take moments like this t

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o refresh our brains on some scientific processes.  The one I’d like to focus on this time is Photosynthesis.

<strong>Water + Carbon Dioxide + Sunlight à Glucose (sugar = plant food) + Oxygen</strong>

Swimming pools have all three necessary ingredients readily available for plants to be able to create their own food, and therefore, live.  Water? Check (duh). Carbon Dioxide? Check (thank anything that breathes for that).  Sunlight? Check (hopefully!).  Plants, like all forms of algae, use those things to create glucose, for their food, and produce oxygen as a wonderful and necessary byproduct.  Now, if we remove one of the necessary elements needed for Photosynthesis to occur, algae cannot survive.  A new product that we have on the scene will do just that.  Our new <em>Tri-Tech tabs</em>, and other coordinating chemicals, contain <strong>Sodium Tetra-Borates</strong>.  Basically, as you use these chemicals, the Borates will build up in your water, ridding it of carbon dioxide.  Without the carbon dioxide, algae cannot thrive.  What’s the best way to quickly build up your Borate level, you ask?  Well, the best way to accomplish this is to use the<em> Pro-Team Supreme</em>!  While the initial dosage of 2 lbs. per 1,000 gallons is a little overwhelming, once you add it to your pool water, it will only come out through dilution or splash out.  Because <em>Pro-Team Supreme</em> is just straight-up Borates with no additional chemicals, it will immediately spike your level, leading to less of a need for chlorine and an algae-free summer!  This stuff is so good, even <strong>Disney World</strong> uses it to keep all of their pools algae free (without having to use as much of that harsh chlorine).  Stop into Eastgate Pools today to ask us more about this new product, and remember, science is all around you!

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