2013 Is Here!

We made it! The Christmas season has passed and we are headed full throttle towards 2013. If 2013 is anything like its predecessor 2012, we are sure to experience another incredible year. 2012 brought us ups and downs but as every new year proves to be more exciting than the next, we here at Eastgate are ready for any curveballs 2013 is willing to throw. We are prepared for new challenges with dedicated customer service, extensive product knowledge and a fabulous line of amazing products built to make your life one of luxury. So come on in and peruse our patio furniture and spas, pools and pool tables. You just might find something to make your 2013 an exploration in luxury.

Weep Holes Aren’t For Crying . . .

Maybe you haven’t noticed it before, but there is a very good chance that somewhere on the underside of your patio furniture there are a number of small holes.  Those are called weep holes and they are intended to allow water to exit the frame.  The reason these are so important is that without removing the water from the frame there is a possibility that the water can freeze inside the frame and cause swelling that can split or expand the frame and, almost certainly, damage the paint finish.  This is also one of the issues that manufacturers will not honor under their warranty.  Even if you take the extra precaution of covering your furniture please remember to get the water out of the frame before hand to save yourself some potential damage.



Now On Facebook – Dos the Cat

I would like to invite you to follow my exploits here at Eastgate Pools by joining me on Facebook.   I’ve got my own page now, you know! I don’t do a great job of typing—darn keys are really close and with no opposable thumb it is even more difficult—but I’d like to invite you to ‘Friend’ me.

Simply do a search for ‘Dos Cat’, hit the like button or click the link below and join my family of close friends.


I’m off now to perform a local mouse census but hope to hear from you soon.

– Dos the Cat

Wet And Dry Options

Winter is here and we are endowed with cold weather, winterizing practices and all kinds of heavier clothing. The seasons change and we bunker down to manage through the rough
harsh months of December, January and February. Ohio is a tricky state during the winter. Last season we saw no snow, the temperatures barely dropped and pools did not freeze as deeply as in past seasons. This year is turning out to be quite the teeter-totter of temperatures and it looks as though we may see a much colder winter. But, do not fret, we have a massive variety of hot tubs and quartz infrared space heaters to keep you warm.

EdenPure and Infinity are our two lines of space heaters that we carry and, depending on size, they can heat up to 1200 sq. feet of space. Whether your space is large or small our
heaters can increase heating efficiency immensely. In homes that are heated with heating oil or propane, these infrared bulb heaters will save you a lot of money on energy.

If you are looking to warm up and relax, our extensive line of hot tubs and hydrotherapy spas are just for you. With spas from respected manufacturers Mira, Sundance, Premium
Leisure and Four Winds our selection is sure to have something to suit your needs. Our sales representatives are more than happy to take you on a tour of our inventory and even help you fit a spa to suit your needs. Along with our spas we carry a number of fragrances and aromatherapy solutions to make your bathing experience as therapeutic as possible.

With wet and dry options, we here at Eastgate Pools are happy to set you up with cozy options to keep your busy-bodies warm this winter. Have a Merry Christmas!

Are You Ready For Christmas?

I am so excited for Christmas this year! All of my presents have been wrapped and under the tree for weeks. My tree only has homemade ornaments that I made with my kids. I have all sorts of new recipes, games and ideas to do with my family this year!!!  I’m ready to bake some cookies with my boys, tuck them in bed and wait for Santa Claus to come visit us! Hurry up Christmas!! We are waiting patiently!!

Stocking Stuffers?

Although pool cues may not fit in a stocking, cues and their accessories are the perfect
stocking stuffers. We have on hand; cues, balls, chalk (of all colors), 8-ball & 9-ball racks, new
tips, scuffers, cement, shaft-slickers and many kinds of useful tools to help fill out your billiard
accessory collection. We also have a variety of lights in all sizes and colors that are specially
priced for the season.
We know that finding a pool cue is vital to creating the best playing atmosphere for a
beginner as well as a seasoned veteran of the felt. Here at Eastgate our staff is well-versed in
billiards and are happy to assist you in finding a cue to suit your style of play. We carry simple
cues for children that range in sizes from as small as 24” up to full size adult cues at 57”. The
weights of our cues vary between 17 oz. and 21 oz. so that you have options for breaking cues
and mid-play cues. Viper, Cuetec, McDermott and Mizerak are a few of the manufacturers we
carry so there is a vast selection of top-of-the-line cues for you to choose from in store.
As you can see, we carry all the weapons to add to your billiard arsenal. So, if you are
looking to increase your odds for success in the billiards world, please come and see us to help
round out your stocking stuffer shopping this season.

Protect Your Cover!

Every year we see people bring in winter covers that look like they have virtually been shredded.  Since those covers are only protected against seam separation, these customers are left with little option but to buy a new cover.  Well, there are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening.  The first thing to do is make sure your chemicals are balanced.  If you like to use chlorine to close up for the season, please make sure that the chlorine level comes back down to a normal level before putting the cover on.  Secondly, use either winter cover clips or some winter cover wrap to help prevent wind from getting under your cover.  When the wind is able to get under the cover it can literally whip the cover, which can easily apply undue stress to the threads in the cover.  Lastly, make sure you don’t allow too much water to collect on top of the cover.  If it is constantly applying pressure to the grommets it can not only damage the cover, but also potentially damage the pool.  Under no circumstances do you want to use jugs to help hold the cover in place.  If you follow these simple steps you fill certainly extend the life of your cover and help lighten the load on your pocket book every year.

As One Season Ends, A New One Begins

While we have mentioned many times how great of a time it is to get great season ending deals on casual furniture for whatever application you need, it is also important to note that this is also the time of year where changes start in that department.  We will be switching over our showrooms like usual this year, but new product catalogs are also making their way to floor.  There are always new styles and offerings in frame designs, colors, fabrics, and tabletops.  I know this isn’t always the time of year people start to think about those things, but we try to get the new offerings ready to go so you can be prepared for the spring.  You can do all the necessary research and also make sure your new set is here right when you need it.  This is especially important if you are trying to furnish a commercial area such as a pool.  Please stop in and see the new offerings, or you might just find the perfect end of season bargain!

Winter and Eastgate Pools

Winter has come and the seasons changing signifies plenty of change around Eastgate Pools. As we sell winterizing chemicals, covers and sub-pumps we also begin bringing out our hibernating game tables and bar sets. If you are looking for a unique bumper-pool table or a
craps table for your upcoming Vegas night then we have the answer. We have eloquent poker tables and designer bar sets that are sure to make any game-room glow. Personally, I prefer bumper-pool but our selection of seven and eight foot billiard tables are priced competitively and come in multiple unique styles. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern, our sets and tables cover the spectrum. With our incredible selection of billiards equipment, tables and bars you are bound to leave our store with something to make your winter exciting and fun.

So Who Should The Red Sign . . .

It’s free agent time and the Reds are in the market for free agents.  Here are 10 key possibilities that I’d go after:


  1. Tony Perez.  I don’t care if he is 70 years old—I’ll take him!  Best clutch hitter in Reds history and I’m sure he would satisfy our need for a right handed hitting 1st baseman (sorry Joey—you’re headed to left and that solves that problem).
  2. Chris Stynes.  Why not?  Great all-around player and he can play every position, including starting pitcher, closer, and long-man.  I think he could also manage.
  3. Andre Dawson.  Now that he has been pulled out of the ivy at Wrigley, I think he’s got some good years left in him, at least as a pinch hitter.
  4. Leo Cardenas.  Hey, I played softball against this guy and he can still glove it.  That frees up Cozart as trade bait.  I’d trade him to whoever has the rights to Joe Torre.  I’m sure Joe can still catch and he once hit into four double plays in one game.  No strikeouts here—the man makes contact!
  5. Dennis Rodman.  Okay—I know he was a basketball player but this team could use some characters and he qualifies.
  6. Jim Maloney.  He’s rested.  Just give us 6 good innings or the occasional no-hitter.
  7. Warren Beatty.  Hey, he starred in the movie “Reds”, so why not the real thing?
  8. Chuck Norris.  Anybody this tough HAS to be an asset to any sports team.
  9. Kevin Costner.  I know he’s an actor but he’s played in several movies about baseball.  He’s been a catcher and a pitcher and you can NEVER have too many experienced catchers or pitchers.
  10. Ashley Judd.  She’d put me in the stadium!  ‘Nuff said.


Just Want To Say Thank You!

In the wake of the housing market collapse a few years back, financing for inground pools became very difficult to come by.  Most banks were only offering equity driven loan programs, while potential customers were quickly discovering that the equity they thought they had in their home had been all but depleted.  While we likely haven’t returned to the days of abundant equity, the banks are lending again and it shows.  The inground department has seen tremendous growth this year and I just wanted to say thank you to all of our customers.  The better the business performs the better our resources are to help out all of our customers.  The year isn’t quite done yet, but I would certainly consider it a success and we have you, the customer, to thank.

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We Have Gas!!!

…er…Propane gas that is!

I know that many of you are used to going to some convenience store and just swapping out your old tank for a pre-filled one.  Here are some reasons that is not a good idea:

  1. You know the quality of your old tank but what about the one you are getting in exchange?
  2. Does your new tank leak?  We check them here to make sure that there are no leaks.
  3. Tanks have a 12-year life span from the date stamped on it.  Are you exchanging a new tank for one on its last legs?
  4. How much gas are you really getting at the exchange place?  Ah—here is the real clincher.  Tanks are filled by weight, not gallons, but if you do the math, exchange places provide approximately 3 gallons of gas in one of their tanks.  We fill the tank to the allowable limit and provide you with approximately 4.6 gallons—an extra 33+% MORE than the exchange places.

So bring us your tank, let us inspect it to make sure it is okay, and let us help you stretch your propane budget.  You’ll like our gas.  –Max

A Sports Fan In Cincinnati

I never really considered myself to be a glutton for punishment, at least until recently. Then upon having a conversation with a friend I realize that I truly am a glutton for punishment. Being from Cincinnati, and also being a hometown sports fan really does make you crazy each and every year. Some years crazier than normal, a normal year is 1 team dashing your hopes, then other years a second team enters the fray of upsetting the hometown fans. In true fan fashion we continue to slog through, hoping against hope that this time it will be different.


We’re Hot!!!

Because we have quartz room heaters!  You can be hot too.  We carry the world-famous EdenPURE lineup and right now have several demo models at substantial savings, as well as stocked inventory of their in-demand Gen 4 model.  But if you want something a little less expensive, check out our Infinity line of quartz room heaters.  We have three handcrafted wooden cabinet finishes (light and dark oak and new for this year, walnut).  Infinity features digital readouts, thermostatic controls, and hand held remotes.

The benefit of all quartz heaters is that they do not rob the air of valuable water vapor that helps hold the heat in the room.  Don’t be fooled by economy lines.  They are frequently not quartz and they don’t put out the same amount of heat.

And for the ultimate—come see our EdenGLOW Electric Fireplace.  It features a genuine oak cabinet and the famous EdenPURE quartz heater, all rolled into one very attractive ‘fireplace’.  Add in realistic simulated flames and you’ve got something that will keep you warm and look good too! Space conservative and easy to assemble!

Stop in—see us—get hot!  –Max

Just In Toys

We just received a new shipment of pool toys! We have some really cool items for those on your Christmas list or for a birthday party; even some for those older folks that are young at heart. Stop by and check out our new toy items!!!