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With All This Rain….?

It has been raining for days and I know some of you new pool owners are wondering; “How will this affect my pool and the water chemistry?”.  When rain water pitter-patters the surface of your water it brings hydrogen into … Continue reading

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Water Clarity

     I know no one likes a cloudy pool! If you’ve been to the store recently you probably have noticed all the construction going on around Eastgate.  With that said, we have noticed that our pools closest to the … Continue reading

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I know it just turned March, but look at our service guys hard at work opening our Inground Pool. So ring it out to the masses, POOL SEASON IS HERE! I know it may look cold in the photos but … Continue reading

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Spa Cartridges

  The root of many spa problems, both in terms of water quality, as well as water flow, is quite simple: the cartridge filter(s). I cannot stress to new and old spa owners alike how crucial it is to be … Continue reading

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Pool Filters and Their Relationship to Water Chemistry

There are two main things to keep in mind with pool season coming around the corner. Filtration and proper water chemistry. As a new season begins we are faced with algae, waste, calcium buildup and numerous metal inhabitants. The greatest … Continue reading

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