Tanning Bed Liquidation Special

We did it—again!  A major east coast retailer decided to get out of the tanning bed business so we bought up everything they had. If you have been looking for a great deal on a quality in-home tanning system, we have six models to choose from.  With both traditional beds and free-standing tanning booths, they will go fast.  Many were floor demos and may have some small scratches and blemishes, but so what?  All are new and have full warranty and are top-notch units.  Don’t miss out though.  Today’s great deal is tomorrow’s missed opportunity.

Feel The Heat!

I don’t know what my problem is, but I can’t seem to ever get warm in the wintertime.  Long johns, three pairs of socks, gloves, scarves, fleece jackets, coats…you name it, I probably wear it…and I’m probably still cold.  I really with that we had a policy here at work that allowed me to use some of our products while I’m working.  I’m surrounded by things that could warm me up during the cold winter months…or chilly fall and spring days…or cool summer nights.  What can I say, I must have poor circulation.  Our spas always look so enticing.  Not only would the warm water keep the chill off, but the various jets would give me a nice therapeutic massage.  Man, that sounds perfect right about now.  Or if I didn’t want to get wet, I could warm up and detoxify in one of our infrared saunas.  A nice gentle warming would give me a lot more energy.  Maybe I want to warm up and look a little better too.  I could lay in one of our tanning beds for a few minutes to warm up AND get a little summer glow.  I’m already sick of having pasty white legs.  Those all sound great to me.  Sometimes, though, I want to stay bundled up, but also have some extra heat in the room I’m in.  That is when our Eden Pure Quartz room heater comes into play.  I can actually use this one while I’m working too!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood by it to get some warmth after or front door slides open and introduces a new puff of cold air.  This heater is great on your energy bill, and the thermostat does a great job regulating the heat in the room.  Just ask the guys in the service department here.  Their office in the warehouse stays nice and toasty because of this heater (and the boss man doesn’t mind what it does to the electric bill…if he even notices at all).

Come to think of it…maybe I’ll buy some of these products for my own home.  Okay, time to go do some jumping jacks to get my blood moving!

Ways to Make Your Tanning Go Smoother

When you have a home tanning bed you need to follow the tanning schedule recommended by the manufacturer and the sales associate that helps you.  Ease into it.  Don’t overdo it.  Used properly, there are health benefits to tanning–primarily, the production of vitamin D.  We don’t get enough vitamin D during winter months and this is not good for you.  A tanning bed can be a great way to supplement what your body needs while you also keep it looking nice on the outside.  And remember there are specialty lotions that you can buy that help the process along but never ever use any lotion that is not made for tanning bed use.  –Debbie

Our Tanning Bed Poll

feb-09-tan-bedWe sell tanning beds and recently conducted an informal poll to find out why people bought.  #1 was that everyone liked the thought of keeping a tan year round. No real surprise here but we also found that people’s top concerns at commercial tanning salons were cleanliness and privacy.  Of the last twenty tanning beds we sold, eighteen of the buyers told us they had used commercial facilities before but decided to get their own so they didn’t have to worry about who had used the bed before or who might be watching them.  We also had one customer specifically state that they got a home tanning bed because they didn’t want their teenagers out on the road in bad weather.  I would be curious to hear from anyone out there about why they bought a tanning bed. —Max