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The Fourth of July Flop

This year the Fourth of July  came and went with little extremities. Most fireworks were silenced by rain, pools were left un-swam in because of the uncompromising weather and most grills stayed empty as people swarmed the local malls and … Continue reading

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Come Meet Eastgate Pools Very Own Harry Houdini

There was once a great escape artist named Harry Houdini.  You’ve no doubt heard of him.  Here at Eastgate Pools & Spas, we have our own ‘Harry’—Harry Sears.  Rumor has it he is the great, great, great grandson of the guy that founded that big retail chain of stores.  Then again, it could be a rumor I just started that is totally wrong.   Anyway, I started calling him Harry Houdini because, while he’s not an escape artist, he can help you ‘escape’ from any water problems you have. Harry is our resident water tester and all-around fun guy to talk to.  If you are having any issues with your pool or hot tub water, bring Harry a sample and he’ll analyze it and give you solutions to the problem.  And he’s not too proud to get a second opinion from other water experts here too.  You know—“Two heads are better than one.” So stop in and bring Harry that water sample and get on the road to escaping you water woes.  And as always here at Eastgate Pools, water tests are totally free.  –Max

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Rolling Along

The 2013 season is truly here. We have been water testing tons of pools on a daily basis and it appears nearly everyone has their pools open and running at this point. But, do not fret. If you have not … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

It was a spring day and the store was starting to more frequent water tests with customer trying to get their pool balanced for the season. The doors were wide open to allow the breeze to flow through the store … Continue reading

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